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Subject: Mera, Retreat & Attacker/Defender rss

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Hello to all here,
so we played yesterday and had at one point the problem with Mera and the Converting Rule.


one province had the control marker of the green player,
i moved my units inside and wanted to occupy his controlmarker.
Then i used medusa and put the marker of her in the province too.

After my movement/attack turn, the green player attacked me, knowing his units would be petrified and out the game for this round.

Next Round they came back and it was my turn again before the green player to move/attack


1. The Units of the green player are out of the round because of medusa.
Are negative counted now for the leadership?

2. When we started the next round, the province is at war,because we have both our units inside. Can i move my units(like a retreat) to avoid a battle?

3. If my units are inside an enemy province and this enemy also attacks me while my legions are there, is he the attacker or defender?

Thanks in advance.


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Trygve E. Rosenvinge
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The way I interpret the rules for Medusa;
#1 His petrified units are still counted towards military leadership. If they weren't, it would have been clearly stated in the rules for Medusa.

#2 You can "retreat" from a province at war, I expect this is a sound tactic in many circumstances. The rules of the base game don't make a distinction between units that start their turn in a province at war, and those that don't.

#3 Whoever is the active player, is the attacker. If the active player attacks an opposing army which is in a province the active player controls, then the active player is still the attacker (even if you could argue that he's actively defending provinces he controls, technically he's still the attacker).

This distinction is particularly important when dealing with the special abilities of Caesar (Romans) and Pericles (Greeks). The Roman player only benefits from his special rule when he's the active player, the Greek player do not. When the Roman player attacks the Greek, the Roman gets his +1 bonus and the Greek player his +2. When the Greek attacks the Roman, neither of them receive any bonuses.
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James Park
United States
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1) I don't understand what you mean by negative counted, but I think you're asking if you count those legions for purpose of military leadership? If so, you still count them. The player does not lose those legions on the military track just because they're petrified.

2) When you are the active player, you are free to move your troops from the province (currently at war) to an open province (one of your provinces or an unoccupied province).

3) Whoever is the active player, they are the attacker and the player they are attacking is the defender.
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