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Subject: Legendary Civil War review rss

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Casert Arien
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I will not pollute this review with what I was hoping to see rather what I did see and appreciate but moreover how I hope this being implemented in the future.

As a big box expansion this set is well, big. A few new keywords: size change, fortify, phasing; a new "divided" mechanic; new villains, masterminds, henchmen, schemes, critical wounds and not to mention the pet Avengers sidekicks.

What this set does well is set the tone theme wise. Playing as Cap's anti-registration group the heroes present new ways to interact with your deck and create nice combos. The hero selection is interesting. The oddity here for me is Hercules: not because he is a playable character but more because Amadeus Cho is his "divided" character. It feels odd to be playing (what I consider) a strength character with tech, doesn't feel right. More importantly I feel Cho may have been "cheeped out" with a guest appearance as opposed to his own character. The same can be said for each other dual character here for the exception of Cloak and Dagger.

A bigger issue I found with the divided cards is that they don't feel like they represent a decision the character must make but rather the player. Should Vision do damage or get recruit points as opposed to a Luke Cage card sending in Jessica Jones.

The major irritant on these cards in particular is the font size. Did anyone test this prior to print? It is fairly minuscule.

The new master minds represent an interestingly new challenge. After seeing Ragnorok's effects and master strike I was thinking it would be a cake walk. Mistake. They all represent a serious challenge which is very good.

The villains are equally annoying, I'm looking at you Iron Spider and are a ton of fun to play against.

My gripe here is the set doesn't allow us to decide who the "villains" truly are: would I rather play pro-registration than anti-registration? Probably. But someone decided for me that no, they are bad.

The schemes are interesting and to an already impressive amount of variety to the game.

The real game changers in this set are the new wounds and pet avengers sidekicks.

The wound mechanics and a whole new threat to just adding wounds to your deck, the effect of removing them or secondary effects really make people think twice before just taking a wound knowing the can just toss it out no worries on a subsequent turn

Pet Avengers are invaluable when needing cards to trigger super powers. The only irk I have here is Redwing. He was included as a "divided" character on Falcon's card using the same effect. In my view he is a sidekick and therefor doesn't need to be on Falcon's card.

Overall this set presents new challenges and adds to the myriad of options already available.


Good - new keywords, pet Avengers, Masterminds, wounds, new divided mechanic, villains
Bad - Application of the new divided mechanic which should be improved in future iterations, font size on the divided cards, choice of villains versus heroes in the story line Civil War
The meh - schemes

Should you look to purchase this? Yes.
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Jason McManus
United States
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The only thing that really bothered me about this set was that it didn't have a Captain America mastermind. We already had an Iron Man one, if I wanted to play both sides of Civil War all that was really necessary was a Captain America mastermind.
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