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Subject: Adding a meld requirement for playing victims rss

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One thing that I enjoy in other rummy style games (e.g. Canasta) that is missing from Mystery Rummy is the tension that comes from needing to meet a significant hurdle before you can meld cards. I like that you can't meld suspects until a victim is in play but I think if you are lucky enough to draw victims that they should also be costly to play. One such cost is forcing you to reveal info about your hand by being forced to add a meld before playing your first victim.

So here's my proposal:

You may only play a victim card to your tableau on your turn if (i) you already have 3 or more evidence cards of one type melded (including wild cards) or (ii) you immediately play 3 or more evidence cards of one type from your hand to your tableau (wild cards may substitute as per normal meld rules), or (iii) the victim card was played as the result of a ripper strikes or commissioner resigns card.

One side effect of this rule is that it makes the commissioner resigns and ripper strikes cards a bit more valuable. Hopefully not so much that it makes the ripper escapes strategy excessively powerful.

The rule also has a nice thematic interpretation. You can only start murdering victims from your hand by leaving behind some evidence.
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Ejnro F
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Well it doesn't make thematic sense if the players are investigators of the crime (if the players were murdering the victims they would be investigating their own crime and should always be able to play the Ripper escapes cards (which I thematically think of as letting the offender slip by because of sympathy for their crime). Before there are any victim nobody can be suspected (that's why you get to draw two cards after playing the victim card, looking into who the victim was gives you clues). From a game-play perspective I think there are a lot of reasons to hold on to your victim cards for some time. I tend to wait until I have at least one meld, or until my opponent has played their first victim card. The main cost of the victim cards are time, as you are only allowed to play one gavel cards per round.

The victim cards are mainly a timer and brings a lot of tension to the game concerning what kind of scoring will occur. If I suspect that my opponent has the Ripper Escapes card I will sure hold on to a victim card trying to discard it as my last card. When playing with my partner none of us tries to be very obvious about it if any of goes for the Ripper Escapes-scoring.
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