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Dave Rathbun
United States
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Secure Holonet Receiver
Mission Background: A rebel spy has been sending intelligence reports from her Imperial squad. There is some concern that her channel may no longer be secure.
Primary Objective: Identify and secure the rebel communications channel by escorting a HWK-290 on their mission.

Boomerang Squad Mission Participants:
Slo-Mo (Y-Wing), Chulo (X-Wing), Foh-kus (X-Wing), Broheim (X-Wing)

It has been a rough time for Boomerang Squad. We were unable to rescue our rebel operatives and then last week the Imperial Shuttle got away from us. While waiting for another attempt to capture an Imperial officer, word came down that our commander was looking for a crew to escort the "Besra" on an incursion into neutral territory. Imperial entanglements were thought to be likely, and her mission was of critical importance. Boomerang squad was down a couple of members (one was getting married, I mean really, priorities man! ) but we were able to sortie with three X-Wings and a Y-Wing.

During our briefing we were told that our primary objective was going to be to identify and secure a holonet channel. This unsecured channel was currently in use by a Rebel operative who was sending intelligence about the maneuvers of her Imperial squad in the Parein system. In order to keep her intelligence reports from being compromised or intercepted, we needed escort the HWK-290 "Besra" and her crew of slicer technicians to the communications hub, scan and identify the proper channel, and then secure it. Captain Harris of the "Besra" informed us that Ion weapons were preferred due to their ability to disable the holonet components without destroying them. Slo-Mo was already set up with his Ion Turret, and the "Besra" was also equipped with the same. The rest of our crew stayed with their current load-out to deal with the expected TIE presence.

The mission started out well enough. We arrived at the comm station location and found three base units with four surrounding satellites. The squad decided not to split our forces as there were already TIE fighters approaching from our 9:00 and our 3:00 positions. We headed along the edge of the encounter zone towards the group on our "9" with the intent that our X-Wings would engage while Slo-Mo and the "Besra" would start to sort out the proper channel.

In hind-sight, splitting the squad may have helped. Or it may have gotten us killed.

There were seven different components that we had to disable in order to identify the Rebel channel. We found it on the sixth try. (At least that was better than the Rescue Operatives mission where we found them in the very last possible location.) By the time we had identified the channel several TIE Fighers had been destroyed, but newcomer Broheim was also down to one hull point. He bravely held out for two more rounds before deciding to hyperspace for home.

Unfortunately, as soon as we identified the channel that we needed to secure, a squad of Imperial TIE Interceptors appeared behind us, and an Imperial Shuttle moved in directly across from the satellite dish we needed to secure. The Imperial reinforcements ignored our squad and went straight for the "Besra" and her crew of technicians.

The arrival of the Interceptors and the Shuttle - followed immediately by Delta Squad of three TIE Fighters - served to clutter the battlefield. Ships were bumping and crossing and whether intentional or not, the "Besra" was consistently unable to apply her action to secure the channel. Despite Foh-kus's best efforts to protect the "Besra" and the rest of the crew trying to down the TIE's, the "Besra" wilted under the combined fire of the Interceptors and several of the other TIE Fighters who selected her as their target of choice. With a few rounds to go, and the "Besra" destroyed, Boomerang Squad jumped to hyperspace and joined Broheim back at base.

Commander Debrief:

Gentlemen, it has been a rough month. I realize we're putting a dent in the supply of Imperial TIE Fighters, but in order to move forward we have got to be more successful in our primary objectives. Due to our interest, Imperial techs have scrambled all of the communications channels through that relay station, which means our Rebel operative is now cut off. At least for now. She's very resourceful, and I'm sure we will hear from her again once she is able to connect to a new relay. It may be a few weeks (or longer) before that happens.

On a positive note: Captain Harris and his crew were picked up and have been assigned a new ship. The "Osprey" should be ready to fly as soon as she is outfitted with the required slicer tools.

Broheim, welcome to the squad.

Slo-Mo, excellent use of munitions on this mission. I'm told your cluster mines took out a couple of TIE Fighters. Next time try to get out of the way of your own thermal detonator though, okay?

Foh-kus, this is the third consecutive mission where you're rolled four boom / kaboom results and still been denied a single point of damage. Those TIE Fighters can be slippery, but that's tough luck indeed...

I'm going to ask all of you to take a week off. Get rested, get your ships back in shape, and get ready for your next challenge. Operations is working on something and I'll have more details for you in two weeks.

Pilots, dismissed.

Oh, and regarding the mess hall... be advised it's not a good week for the meatloaf. Or the plumbing.
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United States
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I will do better to make sure I not only understand what the objectiveis but the mechanics of the objective. We were so close! I can't tell if it's excitement or anxiety that causes my lack of patience.

I can't decide to get an extra set of torpedoes or save my points for PS 5 & Etahn A'baht.

Edit: I think if TIES would stop evading all of Foh-kus's critical hits, we would be all for splitting up.
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