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Subject: Protectorate Starfighter lists rss

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Irinel Alban
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I had a few friendly games with a list centered on Fenn Rau and Manaroo, and it was quite brutal (for my enemies). 6 dice attacks with focus and TL are nothing to sneeze at.

The list went like this:
Fenn Rau + Fearlessness + Concord Dawn Protector (32)
Manaroo + PTL + K4 + Unhinged Astromech (34)
Talonbane Cobra + Crackshot + Engine Upgrade (33)
Total: 99p

The idea being to give up initiative in favor of positioning, shift the focus + TL to either Fenn or Talonbane (whoever had a better shot). Amongst the feats of bravery, I've managed to one-shot a cloaked Phantom after dodging all its 5 dice at range 1 with Fenn.

The lessons learned were that only one of the two hard hitters will be really effective in a given turn (the one having Manaroo's TL and focus), and the other would have to rely on sheer luck, since most of the time would use its action for achieving a better position. Also, with K4 and UA on board, Manaroo's Push the Limit seemed a bit under-used. This lead me to the following variation:

Fenn Rau + Fearlessness + Concord Dawn Protector (32)
Manaroo + PTL + Recon Specialist + Unhinged Astromech (34)
Zuckuss + VI + Dengar + Tractor Beam + Mist Hunter (33)

This list would be everything about supporting Fenn. Zuckuss would shoot first (and have a pretty good chance at hitting, having Dengar on board), re-positioning the target better for Fenn and giving it a TB token, or smash it on an asteroid if Fenn can't get a good shot, while Manaroo will, as usual, give Fenn a TL and, this time around, 2 focus tokens, for increased survivability. This time, I would try to seize the initiative in order to reposition the target as I see fit, instead of giving it away.

My concern is that, if Fenn is destroyed, the rest of the list would be relatively toothless. Of course, Zuckuss can still dish out some damage or frustrate his enemies, but nothing on the scale of the Protectorate Starfighter. However, from my experience, Fenn was quite survivable, but then again he's very vulnerable to crits, having no shields.


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Wally Jones
United States
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Just my 2 cents from a seasoned X-wing tournament player......

I am not convinced the Protectorate is strong enough to be the center of a build.

The 3 Evade dice is nice, as is the native boost and barrel roll, but the zero shields kills it for me. And no Evade action for a bonus. A single crit, which could easily go through, has the very real possibility of ruining your entire build.

Plus, all the abilities trigger in a place the Protectorate doesn't want to be.

As an add on ship, an arc dodger, it is fine but a little expensive.

I would like to try a squad though. 4 arc dodging Protectorates could be hard hitting.

As for Zuckuss - he is annoying, but that is about it. He dies fast enough.

I am not sold on Tractor Beam either. I have had it used against me countless times and none of them had a real impact. I would much rather go for damage.

Manaroo is tough and is a good ability. She is usually my first target.
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