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Subject: controlled or contested map SPs rss

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Mike W
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The answer to Soon Louis question about supply maps had me a bit perplexed.
(see: Just Got The Game – A Couple of Questions, Aug 3, 2016)
how was Soon’s solution incorrect in all cases?
Soon’s map 4 example-
"For example if it was map 4 the Germans would get 3 SP and the British 5 SP. In addition, whoever controls Mersa Matruh would get one additional SP. Is this correct?"
- would be correct if control of map 4 were contested.
Soon’s solution matches your first of three (contested control) possibilities below.
"If contested Control (both control markers on Map 4):
Germans 3SP, British 5SP, +1SP to the player controlling Mersa Matruh."

The factions would get their base SPs from map 4 (Axis 3 and Allies 5) +1 SP to the side controlling Mersa, from a contested map 4, during the adjust cards/supply segment of the New Turn Housekeeping Phase.

But I question the next two possibilities.
I presume these next two possibilities are for uncontested control of map 4.

"British Controls Map 4 (thus the German Control marker is thus on Map 3): Germans 7SP, British 5SP, +1SP to the player controlling Mersa Matruh.

German Controls Map 4 (thus the British Control marker is thus on Map 5): Germans 3SP, British 8SP, +1SP to the player controlling Mersa Matruh."

the term ‘the player controlling Mersa’ means the faction that controls Map 4, right?
if that term is an allowance for either faction to control Mersa, Map 4 is contested as first above.
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Carl Paradis
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MikeWin wrote:

the term ‘the player controlling Mersa’ means the faction that controls Map 4, right?

Yes this is correct.

You can get Supply Points for Ports only on a map you have your Control Marker in.

On the Strategic Display on the Turn & Terrain effect cards you can see all the points totalled (Map + Ports) for a map you entirely control.

On a Contested map, both players can get the Supply Points for the Ports they Control.


Map 3 is contested. The British Hold Tobruk and Bardia, the Germans hold Derna.

British Total = 4 (Map 3) + 2 (Tobruk) + 1 (Bardia) = 7 Points
German Total = 3 (Map 3) + 1 (Derna) = 4 Points.

Suppose that Map 3 is controlled buy the Germans, but Tobruk is British.

German Total = 3 (Map 3) + + 1 (Derna) + 1 (Bardia) = 5 Points
British Total = 5 (Map 4) + 1 (Bardia) = 6 points.

Note here that Tobruk does not Score for the British because their control marker is on Map 4.
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