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Subject: Chaos Marines vs Imperial Guard 750pts Vassal rss

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Surprised there are no posts in the BGG forum section. I imagine most people stick to the One Page forums, so this is a carry over from an earlier post there.

We've been playing the One Page rules for some time now, and have had great success with online games. The 750 pt size limit is perfect for quick setup in Vassal, and the game engine has all the markers necessary, even automatically marks which units have 'moved' after an activation. The Vassal mod was clearly a labor of love, and the sprite artists created just about every unit imaginable.

Figured I'd share one of our recent games. Chaos Space Marine (Word Bearers) vs Imperial Guard (Iron Legion)

Quick synopsis:

A remote Imperial outpost has been viciously attacked and overrun. The defenders are able to send a quick distress signal, before orbital bombardments destroy the Comm Tower and Base. Shortly after, crimson armored Chaos Marines and screaming Cultists massacre the defenders.

A detachment of Imperial Guard is sent to investigate and reclaim the shattered outpost.

Mission: Seize ground. 3 objectives, Comm Tower, Base, High Ground covering both buildings.

Here are the two 750 point Armies

Imperial Guard
Two 10 man squads of troops+weapon teams, all mounted in Chimeras. A large upgunned command squad with veterans. And some extra autocannon weapon teams to help punch through marine armor.

Chaos Marines
Two 5 man squads of marines each upgraded with a heavy bolter (machine gun). A 10 man squad of cultists. A chaos Terminator Lord (dark apostle) leading a 5 man squad of Possessed Marines. A Terminator squad upgraded with a Heavy Flamer.

Note the Word Bearer prayer standard/parchment the Chaos Lord is holding…that’s an accessory you can actually select/unselect for the figure…talk about dedicated modders.

We deployed along opposite angles of the board (Chaos starting in the shattered base, and Guard starting on far side approaching the destroyed Comm Tower).

Early turns saw both armies attempting to flank. Guard Command squad and one Chimera + squad deployed north towards the Comm Tower. The Autocannon teams sprinted towards the tree line in the center to try and setup fields of fire onto the base, whilst the last Chimera+ squad raced towards the high ground to the south.

Chaos countered making a push towards the Comm tower with the Chaos lord and his possessed marine retinue, screened by the meat shield….er 'vanguard' cultists. The two squads of marines w heavy bolters deployed in the destroyed base and began to slowly push up towards the high ground, using the craters from the orbital bombardment as cover. The Chaos Terminators waited to deepstrike.

Exchanges of fire saw casualties on both sides but units managed to get close enough for decisive action. To the north the cultist did their job admirably, soaking up multiple shots and screening the Chaos Lord and his possessed marines. The Cultists and Marines were able to mount a very successful assault on the Chimera+Guard squad that had taken the Comm Tower, unfortunately for the Word Bearers, the Guard Command Squad counterattacked with a withering barrage of fire, and then used the special 'Officer' ability to activate again. A total of 16 assault rifle shots and 12 plasma gun shots later, the Possessed marines were wiped out. The Chaos lord wisely fell back to cover with the tattered remains of his cultists.

Along the center and south of the battlefield, the Guard were stalled. The withering fire from the two Chaos Marine squads and heavy bolters was suppressing the other Chimera+Squad, and for some reason the Autocannon teams couldn't hit the blind side of a barn. I think they rolled a total of 2 hits in three turns of firing (18 total shots)

Sadly the Imperial Guard had committed too many forces to capture the Comm Tower, and not enough to cover the other two objectives. The Chaos Marine squads w the heavy bolters continued to suppress the Chimera (now immobilized)+ south Squad, and the Chaos Terminators teleported in on the last turn (having failed their 2 previous attempts) and massacred the suppressed Guard squad with linked bolter and heavy flamer fire.

The end of the Turn 4 saw both the High Ground and Base firmly in Chaos hands, with only the Comm Tower in Imperial possession.

A great game all around that had some excellent ebb and flow.
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Lance McMillan
United States
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Thanks for posting this! Until I saw this AAR I was completely unaware that these rules even existed. Downloaded the rules today and looked them over and like how they've streamlined the rather convoluted 40K rules -- think they could easily go even further without compromising the overall "feel" of the game, but they're a good start.
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Glad you enjoyed it.

Always good to spread the word. It really is a fun system and the alternate unit activation creates a very different dynamic.

The authors also did a pretty remarkable job of Balancing All the armies / points, while still keeping a reasonable amount of 'nuance' to each Faction.
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