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Subject: Variant Ideas rss

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Daniel Grant
United States
Santa Clarita
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Just my random musings on game modifications.

1. Curved Space Lanes - These could put a new twist on system placement. In certain situations, you could roll a red space lane die instead of blue to place curved 2, 3, and 4 length space lanes.

2. Black Holes - These could be system sized obstacles that are placed on the board before the start of the game. Systems and Lanes cannot be placed over them, and floating systems cannot be rotated past them. Special Exploration cards could allow a player to move the Black Holes (Q!).

3. Worm Holes - These could be two half pieces of a regular sized circle system. When a Worm Hole Exploration card is drawn, the system is replaced with one of the Worm Hole half pieces and becomes fixed (non-floating). The player places the other half anywhere on the board at least a 2 space lane away from any other system (which also becomes fixed). Any ships on either half is considered as being on both halves.

4. Legends Cards - These could be cards purchased during the Build Phase that represent characters from the Star Trek universe, limited to buying one per turn (and cost Culture). They could have a one time use. (Examples - Cancel opponent's shield bonus during one round of combat, move a starbase to an adjacent system, roll extra dice during a round of combat, etc.)

5. Fleet Enhancement Cards - These could be special technologies that become attached to one Fleet card when researched that provide a bonus to the fleet. Each race could get five (5) of these cards that get shuffled into the regular Research decks. (Examples - Extra Research when exploring Phenomenons, extra die during combat, re-roll die during combat).

6. X, T, and L Shaped Space Lanes - These could put yet another twist on system placement. In certain situations, you could roll a green space lane die instead of blue to place X, T, and L shaped space lanes. For the X and T shaped space lanes, extra systems are placed face down (Unexplored). Only one system can be explored at a time.

What new twists would you add?
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Mark Ramsey
North Delta
British Columbia
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Screws fall out all the time. The world is an imperfect place.
I'm not sure I understand the point of curved and L-shaped space lanes. Since you are free to rotate a regular space-lane as you wish, what difference would it make if it were curved, L-shaped, S-Shaped, etc? I get that the T-shaped and Y-shaped lanes could add some interesting placement options, though I'm not sure that they could work practically - they would have to be fairly large to allow planet placement, well on the Y-shaped one anyways.

I like the black hole idea. The worm-hole too. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see worm-holes included in an upcoming expansion.

The card enhancements are interesting. I agree that there should be a way, beyond the research cards, to enhance and customize each side.

Thanks for posting!
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Maldus Alver

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1. Not really, the whole idea behind floating systems is that the space lanes do curve when they are connected. You could put your system out in one direction but an opponent who wants to make a connection could float your system you just placed to the other side of your planet. I don't see how curved space lanes would add any more to that dynamic. Maybe have intersection lanes but not curved.

2. I could see this more as a stellar phenomenon rather than an obstacle. Maybe we could have an exploration hazard that places this instead.

3. I can see the Bajoran Wormhole with a Dominion expansion. An Alpha Quadrant system and the gamma Quadrant system. I'm sure they will be out, especially when gamma quadrants systems and alpha quadrant systems would be separate from each other as in not in a space lane.

4. Maybe for ships but I am not sure about away team cards. Keep in mind that this is a 4x game where turns are supposed to span around a decade. I could see some hero ships but remember that as of now the current model just adds a new faction. So it doesn't really add anything that is faction specific to the other factions that are already available. That is almost like having to do a 2nd edition and I think it is too soon for that.

5. I think the whole purpose of the fleet is for enhancement. This is sort of like giving fleets 2 abilities instead of 1 ability. Only the super huge fleets are the ones without any upgrades but that is basically a homeworld invasion supremacy victory fleet.

6.Mostly for the same reasons for 1. I think the systems serve as an intersection. The one thing that you may need an X for if system lanes could overlap but for now I think the 2-4 space lane set up is fine. no need for anything else.
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