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Subject: A cool game from a cooler publisher rss

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Victor Caminha
Rio de Janeiro
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And so it begins...
In 2011, I went to Essen and made a serious list of games to buy, which publishers stands should I visit, etc. Several games unfortunately didnt
make it, as my luggage space was limited (bought around 25-30 games, expansions included) and one of them was Space Station, which unfortunately I missed their stand. However, that game stuck into my mind because of the cool name of a swedish publisher which I never heard about.

But let's be honest, "FryxGames" does stand out, in a positive way. And what about "Fryxelius"? That is the name of a D&D 30th level magic-user, can't be cooler than that! Now imagine and entire clan ("family" is okay, but "clan" is a geekier word) sharing that surname? Awe-inspiring, indeed!

Now, why am I telling all this? Because Fryxgame is a small company and Terraforming Mars is a great game which I am glad it is selling very, very well. Yesterday I introduced the game to a friend, who liked it so much we played again immediately after the ending of the first match. Some curiosities:

- I had already played a couple of games of TM and wanted to play with both the non-beginner corporations and debut the corporate era variant.

- The other player is a heavy gamer and I wasn't worried with him. Indeed, he won both games.

- Before playing TM, we started the day with a game of High Frontier Colonization, using all the modules. I won by a single point, ironically ending the game by fulfilling a Future, Terraforming Venus

- The first game of TM was very competitive, I went the Tharsis Republic and he played as the Helios Corporation (the heat = money company). He won because of a single Milestone he fulfilled right before me.

- The second game he won by a larger margin (15 points or so), with me as the Terra Corporation (Earth largest company, big money) and he went with that Eco Corporation (7 plants = 1 greenery). I purposefully did not pursued a plant producing strategy because I wanted to check the strenght of a green strategy, which was very powerful. Unfortunately, I couldnt drop a single asteroid against his plant reserve as those cards never showed up to me. Nevertheless, I get the feeling that corporation will be weaker at games with more players, as there will be more people competing for plant production and drawing asteroid cards.

- I loved the corporate card deck so much I won't be playing without it anymore! The game took a little longer (3 more generations, IIRC) but it was well worth it.

- After both plays, I introduced In the Year of the Dragon (alea mini expansion included) and König von Siam and he loved both (note: he plays euros, but loves ameritrash) and he explained to me the rules of Modern Art, whose portuguese version I recently acquired. We didn't play it because it needed more players and was around midnight. All in all, a great game day!

Again, congratulations for making this great game!
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Mário Medeiros
Rio de Janeiro
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I don't consider myself as much of a Heavy Gamer as you or many of our friends, but thanks for the compliment!

I loved every single game on that gaming day, but Terraforming Mars no doubt was the best of them. Awesome game!
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