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Subject: [2-3p game] trog retreat, matrix card question rss

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Hristo Gangov
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I don't see this specifically stated, and I'm 99% sure this is the right thing to do, but:
Trogs (either one or multiple nest/war parties/whatever) are attacked in a 3-player game. The token(s) spawn minis, the battle happens. The trogs lose control of the region, but don't fully die, so the remainder must retreat. There is no adjacent uncontrolled region to retreat to (all are controlled by players).

What happens to the trog nest token? It cannot be placed so it is "thrown out of the game?"

Is this still true when there is an adjacent region with a trog nest and war party, but controlled by humans via previously activated airfield?

Is this still true when there's an adjacent region which is empty (no minis) but controlled by e.g. pilgrims?

Thematically, it's very weird with this control stuff, since especially in the case of trog nests in a human airfield-controlled region, why can't the retreaters just "rejoin" their party. Or if a region has no minis they just retreat there :-) ... but I digress, rules are rules.

I'm correct to think that trogs who cannot retreat get removed from the board in 2-3p games?

Also, for matrix on machines, just to confirm. Please correct ANY of the following actions which are incorrect:
- Matrix card(s) are SEEN when drawn upon matrix activation by the machine player. They are not chosen, it's just the "top card of the deck," but the machine player can see what the card s/he drew does, right?
- I assume they can check the face-down card if they forgot any time, taking care not to add it to their hand.
- The drawn card(s) are placed face down under the matrix (or near), and NOT part of the machine player hand.
- Matrix cards can be played/used whether machine player does or does not control the matrix anymore, at any time, and in any amount (can spend all 3 in a single battle if desired and has 3 under matrix), if the terrain matches.
- Matrix cards can ONLY be used for their "battle" effects, NOT for movement, recruiting, or building - or to augment other cards (from the machine hand) movement, recruiting, or building.
- Upon usage/playing, the matrix cards are discarded to the bottom of the matching terrain type drawing deck.

P.S. Follow-up question: Since the cards are face down, does the machine player have to tell you what the terrains are on their matrix card(s) if you forgot and you ask them? Since this is technically "public" information, which you should know except for bad memory :-) . I also assume they never have to tell you what the card(s) they drew exactly do, just the terrain type, if anything at all.


Thanks for your help. The rules for the game are straightforward enough, but sometimes very unintuitive, and there are a lot of really weird thematic cases (winning region control with no surviving units, unable to "shell" with artillery without also minis in battle, control, etc.)...
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Eric B
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The player who lose the Region Control Objective must retreat to a adjacent region they control, if impossible they return their Units to the reserve.

In a 2-3 player game regardless of the outcome, all Trog's units goes back to the reserve.

If the Trog win, remove existing control token, remove Trog's units and add a new Trog Nest Token from the pile to this Region.

If the Trog lose, the winner add his control token, remove the Trog's units, and if the Trog must retreat (meaning they still have Units on the Battle board after resolving all Battle Objectives) the player acting as the Trog for this round add a new Trog Next token from the pile to an adjacent uncontrolled region, if none are available no Trog Nest is added.

The difference between uncontrolled/controlled vs unoccupied/occupied is very simple

If there is a player Control Token in the Region it is controlled, if not, it is uncontrolled.

If there is player Units in a Region it is occupied, if not, it is unoccupied.

Trog War Party and Trog Nest tokens are not Units they are tokens.

Your understanding of the Matrix is correct, but you don't have to tell anyone if they forget which one you have. You can very well bluff in this game so up to you to provide good or bad information. As any player I always pretend I will play Tactic card even if I don't and this may have an impact on their initial Units placement on the Battle Objectives that may end up to be an advantage for me. Also one thing you haven't mentioned and it's specified in the official FAQ, is that you are allowed to draw a 4th card and decide which one you want to keep under the Matrix. Also regardless of how many Matrix Building you have built you can only have 3 cards at all time under the Matrix card.

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Hristo Gangov
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greasedonkey wrote:
if the Trog must retreat (meaning they still have Units on the Battle board after resolving all Battle Objectives) the player acting as the Trog for this round add a new Trog Next token from the pile to an adjacent uncontrolled region, if none are available no Trog Nest is added.

Thanks for the clarification. That specific case where no uncontrolled region is available isn't covered directly in the manual. What is covered is that retreating units with no place to retreat go back to the player's reserve. Since the dummy player has "special" rules with minis being replaced with tokens and the "reserve" doesn't work like "human" players exactly, I felt like I should ask.

Thanks for the edge case with drawing a 4th card for the Matrix as well. I assumed that would be the case, since with any other building it seems like if you run out of "what it does" e.g. arty or watchtower tokens, you just remove one of the 3 and "do the action of the building as regular."
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