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Thief Mnemonic

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my foam board design for Betrayal at the House on the Hill. I have both the second edition core game and Widow's Walk expansion organized and safely nestled within the core box. The design is such that you can store the game vertically with very minimal affect to the organization.

1. Fits in original box
2. No baggies!
3. Everything is accessible during gameplay. No storage only boxes.
4. Try to keep things in their place during transit, or vertical storage.

First glimpse is with the box lid removed. You can see about half of the top tray. All books are placed on top.

After removing the books, and now you can see the entirety of the top tray/lid. This tray holds all player minis and stat cards since that is likely the first thing you need when setting up a game. This tray is also oddly shaped because it serves as a lid for all trays underneath.

Removing that tray shows the three smaller trays underneath. The top tray was designed to carefully fit and hold all the underlying components safely in their place.

Here are the two card shoes. The item/events/omen cards are divided and stored at a diagonal slant so everything remains easily accessible. The room tiles are also ready to play and easy to see which floor each tile belongs to.

Final tray for all remaining tokens. There is a special vertical slot used to store the haunt meter and all the starting rooms. When placed in the box, this slot fits on the outer edge to maximize the room I have for the other trays. The very top tray acts as a "lid" to this tray as well.

Hope that helps others with some ideas. This was a pretty easy build, and it all fits easily in the original box. The biggest problems I had with the build was:
1. The room tiles when stacked vertically are almost as tall as the entire box. They will barely fit with 1 layer of foam board underneath, so I went with the angled design which turnout out to be easier than I thought it would be.
2. The books are very wide and were challenging to find a perfect spot to store them.

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Looks good. I'm getting my girlfriend Widow's Walk for XMas, and she'll want to make an insert for them both. How much extra room is there if any? I've printed out all the custom cards for the base game in the files section, so I'm wondering if the extra cards will fit or not. I'm sure I won't be able to fit the custom haunt books, but hopefully at least the cards will fit.
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