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Subject: Setting up the Scenario - How Legends Untold Works rss

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Hugh Ducker
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Once you've finished "Building a Character" you'll want to setup a scenario to play the game.

Scenarios now come in two different forms; the normal scenarios and the Cinematic Campaign. Here we'll deal with the normal scenarios as details on the Cinematic Campaign will be released later.

Design Concept
No adventure is worthwhile without a goal, and this is what the Scenarios in Legends Untold provide your heroes with. We wanted to give the heroes a set of Scenarios of increasing difficulty and then leave to the players to decide if they wanted to do them in order or just choose the ones they prefer. Each time they completed a scenario they would gain a level and after 8 levels they could move onto a new rank; Apprentice. This would give player new to adventure games direction, whilst those more experience gamers and role-players can create their own goals and scenarios as they desired.

We linked the Scenarios to the environment, because that meant we could draw out specific cards for that environment to be used. So the Captured Merchant card would make an ideal target for a Scenario, or trying to battle your way through to fight the Goblin Queen.

Breakdown of a Scenario
The 8 scenarios in the caves set describe why you are in the caves (the Background), what you are trying to achieve (the Goal), and anything special about the scenario (the Setup).

For example the background might be "Missing Adventurers - some of your compatriots have entered the caves and gone missing. Explore the cave system and find out if they left any note or maps of what happened."
With a goal of "Explore at least 5 locations and locate the Tattered Map and Warning Note loot items".
For this first adventure we remove the Boss and Deputy foe cards, as its designed as a starter scenario and those foes are very tough.

Setting up the Adventure Deck
The Adventure deck is a core mechanic of Legends Untold. All of the Foe, Discovery, Obstacle and Loot cards are shuffled to form the Adventure Deck. A few people have queried why we have a single adventure deck and not separate decks for each of these card types.

There are a few reasons for this:
(1) It creates a random mechanic of “what is next?”
Every time you resolve a barrier card you draw a card from the Adventure deck to see what is beyond the barrier. Is it Loot? A Foe? A Trap? As going through a Barrier can change your readiness rating it is possible to burst through a locked door, become careless, and trigger a Trap on the far side of the door.

(2) It enables us to randomly find Loot as part of the adventure.
Finding Loot is an important part of any adventure game and the deck enables us to draw out Loot cards while you look for the card you need. If the game needs you to look for a Foe card then you draw from the Adventure deck until you find a Foe card. If you draw any Loot cards you place them to one side and those Loot cards become what the Foe is guarding.

(3) It simplifies the play space.
This might not be important to some, but it means we have 4 simple decks to draw from rather than 7 or 8. If you need 7 or 8 decks and space for 7 or 8 discard piles you’ll need a larger play space to play the game.

(4) It works with the event system
The event system can require you to replay cards that have been discarded. Rather than having another random roll to determine what they are, we can just draw from a single discard pile.

(5) It is future proofed.
As the game creators this is important to us. If we create new types of card we can easily insert these cards into the Adventure deck rather than having to go and change look-up tables and so forth to incorporate a new mechanic.

Like all mechanics it has its advantage and its drawbacks. Yes you might see that a certain Foe or Barrier has been discarded and you aren’t likely to face it soon, but event system can also require you to reshuffle and cards that have been discarded from the Adventure deck back into the Adventure deck again.

Next we will move onto some Core Mechanics - Time and Damage.
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