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So I have gotten in a dozen games of this so far and it is the kind of game I should like, and I am trying to - but man this thing is wonky.

Here is how the cards get set out for a game.

photos ( above and below ) thanks to

Ender Wiggins
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OK so we have figured out it is a deck building game and not just attack the other guy game. But really it is kinda a weird game that has 2 totally different things going on and I am not sure how well it works together as a 2 player game. I am guessing it is a better with 3 or 4 players, but am also guessing at 5 or 6 it will have way to much down time?

here is the pictures of the types of cards - I like the artwork for the game.

OK so I had Shadd who is a decent leader and Matt had The Human Draknal who is better because he gives you extra $ to buy every time - 3 extra the most of any hero. Matt forgot to use his bonus money half the time ( the cards are not that helpful in highlighting bonuses ). I got in the early attack on his heros and took out a army and wounded his hero to with in 1 point of his death - only to see him heal for free on his next turn - no matter I got points for it. Matt has to buy some cards and I am to weak to attack so we are buying a bit. Then Matt attacks a monster first and and gets some points, I figure I should do the same, and I have more $ bonuses going and I am paying attention to buying the cards with the most VP points over the cards that are the most powerful. Matt kills a big monster, then I kill the biggest monster and this is the first time I think our game will end by going out of monster cards.

I like that you can lay down cards or attack and still at the end buy up cards with whatever cards are left in your hand.

We go back and fourth killing the monster and buying cards for a bit.

We are down to 2 monsters and I am so built up by now that I have to attack Matt to see if I can kill him off. I have crazy powerful Mercs on my side and a band of loaded down warriors, and way to many spells for him to deal with . I knock him for 40 points of damage and took out some of his lesser guys, but not enough to take out his leader.

I had an extra action to use and drew a card before battle, which was worth it for what I got, but I should have attacked 1 of the monsters first, but did not think about attacking 2 monsters in 1 turn - which is what Matt did to end the game. They where both very low point monsters. So the game ended for the first time for us by killing all the monsters. I won 24 to 14. I had 9 points from attacking matt and he had none for attacking me. So the rest was what we got for killing monsters and for card we bought that had bonus points on them.

When you attack a monster and kill it you get to keep the card and it will have VP points on it plus they give you a bonus of gold to buy stuff up - for the biggest monster I got 5 points to my final score but also got to buy up to 3 cards worth up to 35 cost which got me 6 or 7 more points to the final score and loaded my deck with the toughest cards out there.

Ender Wiggins
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has a great little tracking chart for this game and Matt & I talked about printing them up, but decided it may take away from the game for us because then you know exactly how strong or weak a guy was, and we liked that it was kinda a mystery, your taking a change when you attack the unknown kind of thing.


OK, after a dozen plays I want to like the game but it is complicated and has a whole lot going on to try and remember it all. We would recount the attack or defense a few times to get it right, or I would point out to Matt that he forgot this and or that bonus so we had to count again. With 8 guys attacking at once it is tough to get it all straight.

I love how you lay down different things on your hero and troops, that is super cool, but when you have 5 or 6 things on one card it does get a bit confusing at times.

The game has a learning curve, but also it is a game that you need to play 6 or 7 times before you really wrap you head around how it all works together and what are the better options.

In a 2 player game we have found who ever attacks first and takes out the other hero will end up winning, just that simple, you are not coming back from a hit like that, even though they give you a ton a stuff when your hero is killed. Most times the guy who won the battle can then attack next time and end the game or do enough damage that the following round you will kill him off.

I like how you can have everyone wounded and still go on. I like the variety of stuff you can buy and it took awhile but I like how the deck building part of it works. Our first few games it did not really feel like a deck building game, but after a dozen it does - keeping track of the highest point cards to buy will make a big difference in the score for you. I like how you can really build up the stuff on each card. But then you mix it all up together and I just don't like it that much. This is not to say I don't like the game, it is saying it is just an OK game with lots of great stuff that is a bit to wonky for me when it is all meshed together ( in the 2 player version, I think this will be a better game with 3 or 4 ).

I also don't like that the company has not given the game any follow up love with so many different things about it. Better rules on their webpage would go along way to helping this out.

Matt and I may not be pulling this one out soon, but when I can wrangle up a extra player or 2 we have decided to try it that way and see how it plays out, so hopefully sooner then later there will be another session report on a game with more then 2 players.

The following game I did 65 points in one attack which was a lot of fun!

Thanks for reading

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