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Subject: "Blobs" game using the components of Sequence rss

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David Fisher
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The Files section contains the rules for a game called Blobs; here they are again.

There is also a thread about this variant on the Game Design forum.

This game uses the components of Sequence (including the Joker cards), and it has the same basic actions each turn (play a card to place a token on the board, then pick up a new card to return your hand to seven again), but the aim of the game is different.

The idea of Blobs is to form a connected group of five or more pieces of your colour. "Connected" means that any space in the group can be reached from any other using only horizontal and vertical moves (not diagonal).

In the illustration below, there are two blobs (the yellow group in the top left only contains two pieces, less than the minimum of 5, so it does not count as a blob). The pink and green blobs would merge into a single blob if a red piece was placed on either of the spaces marked with an "X".

The normal Sequence rules apply when placing a piece on the board: one eyed Jacks remove, two eyed Jacks allow you to place a piece on any empty space. Jokers are also included in the deck, and they allow you to go anywhere on the board, including replacing one of your opponent’s pieces.

In addition, you may "double up" on a space by placing another of your pieces on top of an existing piece to form a "stack" -- assuming you have a card that allows you to place a piece on that space. Stacks cannot be any higher than two pieces. Normal cards and one eyed Jacks remove the top piece in a stack (your own piece is not placed there). Jokers remove both pieces, leaving the space empty.

At the start of the turn, the current player can optionally score a blob (if they have any). All of the pieces in the blob are removed from the board; for stacks, only the top is removed. The player scores the number of pieces in the blob minus three -- so a blob of size five (the minimum) would score two points.

At most one blob may be scored each turn. After scoring, the rest of the turn is played out as normal.

Instead of taking a normal turn, a player may discard all cards and take seven more.

The winner is the first to 30 points (vary for a shorter or longer game).

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Benjamin Guido
United States
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So, you can use a normal playing card to:

1. Place on a new space matching that card.
2. Double up a stack on a space matching that card with one token already on the square.
3. Take an opponent's piece off of a space matching that card. (unlike sequence)

Am I understanding that correctly?
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