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I just found these two games that just came out that you might want to check out. I am not affiliated with the developers of either (someone always assumes that for some reason), but I've played each a bit and they are both fun diversions.

The first is called Bone Wars, and is like Blackjack played with collectible dice that all have various abilities. You arrange 9 dice in your "bone case" in the exact order that you want to play them. Then when you select to play a game, you play against a computer opponent with various assortments of dice arranged similary to yours. The game is played out in three turns and each turn has three phases. In each phase, you take turns rolling your dice and then applying that die's ability if applicable. The goal of the game is to get as close to 25 as possible without going over, and at the end of the first and second turns, you are given the choice to go to the next turn or not. Then whoever has the highest total without going over 25 wins.

The fun in this game comes from all the different dice there are to collect, and all the different ways you can put them together in your bone case. There is an in game store where you can buy dice with in game currency, and you can also spend real money for in game currency, but you can win it in game as well. The fastest way to get it in game is to keep winning and building your streak, as you win more and more each time. Even with that, most of the dice cost alot and the game might be too grindy for some. For $.99, though, you can get the "starter set" which comes with all the dragon dice and bunch of coins, so it's a nice way to spend a little for a decent boost in the game. The dice you can buy are seperated into the categories "creatures" and "bones", although the distinctions seem largely arbitrary and are not that thematic at all.

Right now, you can only play against the CPU opponent, but they mention multiplayer in the future, assuming this does well enough for them to even both with updates.

The second game is called Rune Battle, and it is a bit more interesting as well as more professional looking than Bone Wars. The game currently costs $.99, but there are no IAP's, so you have the complete game from the get go, which is a rarity for iPhone games these days. Rune Battle is like Scrabble meets Puzzle Quest, in that you and an opponent each have a hand of tiles with different symbols on them, and you take turns arranging them on a grid. The tiles make up a magical language of sorts. You each start with 20 life points, and the object is to defeat your opponent by lowering their life points to zero before they do the same to you.

Swiping to the left during a game gives you access to the spellbook, where you can see what each specific arrangement of symbols does in the game. There are four types of damage, and you can either do direct damage to the opponent, raise your level of a certain type of damage, which is added to all further attacks of that type, heal, regenerate, or apply other various effects by combining the symbols in different ways.

During your turn, you can place any of your tiles on any open space. As soon as a spell is cast, those tiles will stay on the board until destroyed. After you end your turn, all tiles that you placed that did not go into a spell go back into your hand and then you draw up to a full hand again. To destroy tiles, place them so that two of the same tile are adjacent and they and any other adjacent tiles will be destroyed. This can be used in some very strategic ways to clear the way for completely new spells or to reuse some tiles if done correctly. Every tile you destroy also is added to your special tile stat, and once that stat hits 20, you get a special tile in your hand, which can be used for some major game effects.

My only gripe about this game is that with the relatively low amounts of damage the base spells do, you can go back and forth for a while until one player gets the upper hand and finally wins. But this game is certainly good for a unique strategic challenge that has not been seen (at least by me) in any other game before.

There is single player against the AI and LAN two-player. Asynch would have been awesome for this game.

iTunes links:
Bone Wars- http://itunes.apple.com/app/bone-wars/id539183022?uo=4&mt=8&...
Rune Battle- http://itunes.apple.com/app/rune-battle/id542189307?uo=4&mt=...
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