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Author: snicholson
After getting off all the blue paint, I decided to do something different.

This episode of Board Games with Scott is designed for people new to our hobby. My idea was that if you wish to give a copy of Wits & Wagers, you can also burn a CD of this video and give it with the game.

You can enjoy this video at

Sat Dec 2, 2006 3:30 am
Author: tuneloon
Great job, as usual. I've been wanting to get this as a Christmas present (for me) so we can play it with my wife's family during the holidays. I talked her into watching your video review, and now she wants to play it, so it looks like we might get at shot at it soon.

Keep up the great work
Sat Dec 2, 2006 4:53 am
Author: kapustka
Oh ... I expected something from recent essen and this game has already been presented at HourCNY. Still I love the game and video, but what about top buzz games for this moment like:
- factory fun
- space dealer
- shogun
... lot more

Keep up the great work
(btw I just bought timbuktu after whatching your vlog)
Sat Dec 2, 2006 11:35 am
Author: snicholson
kapustka wrote:
Oh ... I expected something from recent essen

Check back next time...

This time, I wanted to try this different approach, before all of the holiday parties, to make a video designed as a video/gift combination - remember, my audience goes beyond BGGers.

Sat Dec 2, 2006 1:45 pm
Author: kapustka
What I said is a bit malicious because in reality I wanted to know details of that game rules. This is because it is very clever game which is easy to construct at the same time. I almoust asked english teacher to play this on the end of lesson but I didn't knew the rules well enought.

Once again congratulations for your vlog and see you quite soon.
Sun Dec 3, 2006 12:20 am
Author: ratpfink
This is the first BGWS I've watched. Wow, what have I been missing? This is great! I've been interesting in picking up Wits & Wagers for a gift this holiday season and this vlog just sealed the deal. Thanks, Scott!
Sun Dec 3, 2006 4:57 am
Author: rayzir
Hi Scott,
First, you have a great show! I'm always on the lookout for your next episode. The intros crack me up. Especially the Blue Moon City episode. I loved it! I was a little disappointed when you didn't have one of your goofy intros on this one. But, it was a great episode anyway. I've been wanting Wits and Wagers since you did the demo on TV? Seeing this again, I'm going to have to go out and buy it.

Thanks for your creative episodes. I look forward to them every week. Keep up the good work. Happy gaming.
Thu Dec 7, 2006 6:37 pm
Author: Palpatine
Good job once again. I hope to see you review some heavier games, now that you've done two softies in a row. Davinci perhaps? You hinted about Battlelore. Looking forward to that one.
Fri Dec 8, 2006 9:22 pm