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Author: Wardo
Played this a couple of times on BSW and it was a revelation. I've always played this in person with 6 and found it fun but more an exercize in mass psychology than a game. An enjoyable exercize, however.

Played with 3 and 4 at BSW. It was a very different game. One rule I hadn't noticed that comes into play with fewer than 6 players, you can change color for a cost of 5 vps! With fewer players you get more control and some very interesting options you don't get with 6. On more than one occasion I've seen opposing players both throw their #1 tile on a high card for the third. He gets 6, but you both get 5.

Between the additional control you have with fewer players and the ability to change colors this becomes a very decent game and is still fujn seeing the bands rise and fall.
Mon Jan 19, 2004 10:23 pm