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Author: team_bonnie
I thought it would be fun to share my gaming group’s top scores, and the cards that engineered those blowout wins. Even when I am on the losing end, I love seeing an opponent successfully put together an awesome hand for the big win.

These games are all 4-player base Agricola, EIK decks mixed, no banned cards. Deal type is 10-3 (unless noted) with a pair of 8-1 Draft games. Skill and experience level is similar across the players.

1. 63. Others - 44, 41, 24
A great Grain engine themed combo came together for our top score. Plus it never hurts to have the Reed Hut to get a head start with the third worker.

Occs: Acrobat, Constable (bonus), Seed Seller, Wood Collector, Clay Worker, Stockman
Minors: Reed Hut, Animal Pen, Swing Plow, Straw-Thatched Roof, Sleeping Corner

2. 60. Others - 42, 41, 24
The first play of the game for the winner was the Occ Tutor, one of the rare times I have seen him played outside of a Solo game. It was quickly apparent why because he was soon to be followed by Perpetual Student, one of my personal faves just for the fun factor. Then came the Writing Desk and five more great Occs. The only downside of the random Occ order was Thatcher came out last, but that hardly affected the win.

Occs: Tutor, Perpetual Student, Green Grocer, Chief, Layabout, Chamberlain, Thatcher
Minors: Writing Desk, Horse, Fruit Tree, Quarry, Reed Pond, Strawberry Patch

3. 59. Others - 50, 38, 35
The hand itself was not so overpowering, but it was played well enough to earn Constable and Village Elder bonuses off the other players’ hands.

Occs: Patron, Storehouse Keeper, Bricklayer, Woodcutter, Green Grocer, Mason
Minors: Wildlife Preserve, Quarry, Strawberry Patch, Crooked Plow, Turnip Field

4. 59. Others - 35, 30, 26
In this game, I avoided the rush for Family Growth during Stages I and II, while I patiently collected clay and some wood for the big play. Sometime in Stage II, the Wet Nurse was played. In Round 7, the 2-room hut was renovated to clay and the Minor Clay Supports was played. Round 8 saw a triple room build (for 6 clay + 3 wood, courtesy of Clay Supports and Thatcher) to go with a triple family growth courtesy of the Wet Nurse. How did I plan to feed this huge family come harvest you might ask? Round 9... Layabout. From there, the rout was on.

Occs: Fence Deliveryman, Thatcher, Wet Nurse, Layabout, Market Woman, Stockman
Minors: Clay Supports, Animal Pen, Fruit Tree, Swing Plow, Liquid Manure, Threshing Board

5. 57. Others - 42, 28, 24. This game was played as 8-1 Draft.
This was far from a power hand, but that might actually be the reason for the big win. With no early game Occs to play in Stage I, the focus was on collecting resources for family growth. With the help of the Minor Ladder, a double room build was completed in Round 4. Family Growth showed up in Round 5, and was taken by the second Peep after the first Peep maintained Starting Player with the Minor Alms (good for 4 food). Round 6 started with the second Family Growth before any other players had achieved their first. Feeding the massive family was again saved by the Layabout for the second Harvest. The two lower scores this game can be attributed to some Acrobat/Conjurer competition causing some inefficient play, as well as a little Ratcatching.

Occs: Layabout, Conservator, Tanner (plus Village Elder bonus)
Minors: Ladder, Alms, Village Well (plus Well again), Yoke, Crooked Plow

6. 56. Others - 50, 44, 29. This game was played as 8-1 Draft.
Drafting is a great way to help balance out the hands. The one case this does not work well is when one player is dealt both a power Occ and the power Minor Reed Hut. The Occ in this case was the Lover. The biggest question with the Lover is how to pay for an early play. The solution came when the draft passed me the Dancer. Normally the Dancer would not get drafted as early as it did this time. But I remembered reading a post somewhere here on BGG from Mike T (smcmike) where he described playing the Dancer and taking Travelling Players in Round 1, and then busting out the Lover in Round 2. So that is exactly what I did. Throw in a Stage II Reed Hut play, and that made 4 workers without any home construction. The rest of the hand eventually built to a 7-room Stone house filled with Pelts.

Occs: Dancer, Lover (Round 2), Clay Hut Builder, Sheep Farmer, Stonecutter, Brushwood Collector, Mason (plus Reeve bonus)
Minors: Reed Hut, Clay Roof, Pelts

7. 55. Others - 33, 32, 21.
The hand that could not be stopped from Family Growth, plus Constable and Church Warden bonuses off the other players’ hands.

Occs: House Steward (no bonus), Farm Steward, Head of the Family, Land Agent, Chamberlain, Gardner
Minors: Reed Hut, Crooked Plow, Chicken Coop, Strawberry Patch

8. 55. Others - 44, 38, 36
A hand built for a massive house. Clay Pit and Quarry together will help for that. A couple more cards of that nature (Half-Timbered, Pelts, Mason, etc) and this might have challenged for overall top score. In the end, just had to be happy with a 7-room Stone house and the House Steward bonus off another player’s hand.

Occs: Berry Picker, Wood Carver, Church Warden (bonus), Farm Steward
Minors: Ladder, Clay Pit, Clay Hut Extension, Reed Pond, Quarry, Broom, Spindle, Cooking Corner

Hope you enjoyed this recap of our best scores, and I would like to hear how you have put together your top blowout wins.
Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:07 pm
Author: out4blood
I had a memorable game using a combination of cards that allowed me to build clay rooms at for a cost of 1 wood. I invested the time to get all these cards down, then, while still at 2 rooms, upgraded to clay, then threw down 7 clay rooms. The fight was later to get enough stone to upgrade! The score wasn't mind-blowing, but it was pretty high.

Another memorable game was my stone-eating game. I had a combination of cards that gave me 8 food equivalent per day laborer action. I could eat stone and got extra stone when I went to day laborer. That was a fun game as well!

The most recent game was with the Gamer's deck. Where I had 3 cards that allowed use of a guest token. I can't recall the names of all of them, but the sleep-in occ allowed me to get an extra guest action (best during the first few turns) at the cost of going after all others. Then I had a MI that allowed me to use a guest but get one less action next turn. Then I laid down Animal Farm, which allowed use of another guest by paying an animal. In round 13, I was able to take 7 actions! And by going last, I was able to take another 6 in round 14.
Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:49 am