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Author: mathgrant
I wasn't entirely sure which sub-forum to post this in.

Currently, my high score in the solitaire game is 21-22-24-25-27-36. I think most Ingenious players will agree that this is a very nice score; in fact, according to the Game Center, it puts me in the top 10% of all-time high scorers. However, my score on the leaderboard displays as an ugly 207.929.285.440. I'm not sure how that first score translates to the second one. It's ugly, and make it impossible for me to interpret the other scores on the leaderboard. For example, on the day I got that score, a certain "PGs-Lotte" had the day's high score of 217.928.295.534. What does that mean?

I miss the scoreboard in the old version without Game Center. Sure, it ranks the scores incorrectly if the lowest score is tied (so 0-0-1-1-1-1 beats 0-1-1-1-1-1), but it was easy to read without having to take screenshots of my own iPhone to preserve my records.
Sun Feb 19, 2012 10:10 pm
Author: mathgrant
Holy sh. . .

I figured out the answer by myself while staring at the entire scoreboard. At first, I suddenly noticed that the lower scores on the list all seemed to be concatenations of the six individual scores in increasing order. For example, "Sprocket Monkey" has 151.621.283.636, and 15-16-21-28-36-36 is a valid Ingenious score. (The periods look ugly to my American eyes, because I'm used to seeing commas there, but apparently this app was designed by European people, because sometimes the German name of the game, "Einfach Genial", shows up in the scoreboard, and the scoreboard I'm on is called "Solitär - Zeitlimit aus". The periods make me want to see four three-digit numbers instead of six two-digit numbers, although commas would probably do the same thing without it looking like an invalid IP address.) I joked about being penalized 4,294,967,296 points for being a furry. . . and then I realized that 4,294,967,296=2^32. Rapidly, I started adding this number of points to the other scores, and they suddenly became sensible concatenations like the lower ones! This means PGs-Lotte should have actually had 222,223,262,830 points, or 22-22-23-26-28-30. The highest score of all time is 288735366140, which should be 29-30-30-33-34-36.

Long story short, apparently, there's a bug in the system that subtracts 2^32 from sufficiently high scores. Why that many points? I have no clue. The programmers had darn well better have a clue soon. x.x
Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:27 pm
Author: mathgrant
There is yet another anomaly I must point out regarding the scoreboard: 151.621.283.636 seems to be a really common score (positions 828 through 2845, over two-thirds of the 2948 Solitaire - Time Limit Off scores, are this value). Some scores are higher, and some are lower. I'm guessing this is a default value of some kind.

By the way, my score has improved to a beautiful 22-23-24-24-26-27. This puts me in 109th place out of 930 scores which aren't 151.621.283.636.

The app developers have been notified of this, and have been very polite so far.
Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:42 am