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Letter Update 3

Dear Santa,

Thank you so much for your generous presents! Ever have one of those days when you just don't want to get out of bed and face the day? I was having one of those when your first parcel showed up with the awesome promos for Sentinels of the Multiverse and Ghost Stories! Those maple cookies also helped get me through the day!!!

A few days ago, a mystery parcel showed up at the door. I finally had the chance to open it this weekend and was super excited to see that you had sent me Castles of Mad King Ludwig!!!! I've had my eyes on that one for ages!!! I'm going to get it onto the table the next time I can get my board game people in the same room!!!

Thanks again, Santa! You're the best!!!


Letter Update 2 (November 19, 2015)

Dear Santa,

Whew. It's taken me a little longer than expected to get the chance to sit down and send you a new letter. I've been pretty busy with work and family.

This has been a pretty exciting year for me; I think I've managed to stay off of your Naughty List this time! I've managed to incorporate some board gaming into both work and play this year!

My son is now in that teenage "everything that you think is cool is really uncool" phase but even so, he's sat down for a few games with his old man, mainly Betrayal at House on the Hill. My six-year old loves playing board games with me, which is fun. She's starting to get to the point where she can give me a run for my money in certain carefully-chosen games. (I'm secretly hoping that my son and my wife will sit down to play through a whole season of Pandemic: Legacy with me but I'm not holding my breath!)

I've also had some success in getting a small gaming group together on a semi-regular basis. Our most recent hits have been Dead of Winter and Kemet (we LOVED Kemet). Up next, we're hoping to get into Imperial Assault and play through the first two cases of T.I.M.E. Stories.

I've also been able to incorporate a small amount of gaming into my work life. As you're aware (since you're watching when I'm sleeping and when I'm awake...) I work in Mental Health, with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness (things like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc). I'm in the early phases of putting together a program that uses board games both for recreation/leisure but also as an activity that my help remediate some of the cognitive issues with which many of my patients struggle. If I can pull this off, I may even be able to get paid to play board games!!!!!!!

Anyway, Santa, it's time for me to go watch some Castle with my wife. I hope you're doing well!


Letter update #1 (Written 30 seconds after my first letter!):

Dear Santa,

Ha! You are definitely on top of things this year! I updated my placeholder email then checked my geek mail, only to see that you had already noticed my mouldy, old Santa letter from last year and called me on my lack of preparedness!!! I definitely don't want to get on your naughty list so I'll be writing a better letter soon!


p.s. In response to you (somewhat unusual) question, if I was a tree I'd probably be a maple tree. I'm Canadian and I do love maple syrup on my pancakes (way to debunk the stereotype, huh?). I'm actually looking at a maple tree in my backyard as I'm typing this letter. So yeah, a maple tree. Or an apple tree. Because apples are tasty and nutritious!

Quick and Dirty Placeholder Letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,

Wow, the BGG exchange snuck up on me this year! I haven't had the time to write a proper letter to you (if you've already checked out my profile you were probably confused by the letter to Santa that's been up since last year!). I promise, I'll sit down and write a proper letter to you this weekend, as well as make sure that my wish list is completely up to date!

Take care,
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