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Tel po Emieheg namtsrek!!
Ai kersteman toch, ik hoop dat het u snel beter was, ik dacht eigenlijk dat u onsterfbaar was en dus niet ziek kon worden... vreemd.

gossie u houdt het wel spannend zeg!

Gegroet, beterschap en laat maar weten of ik een nieuwe datum kan plaatsen.


Wat mijn betreft ben ik na 14:00u beschikbaar op maandag. Wiew spannend hoor


WoW kersteman!! Ik ben maandag 8 december beschikbaar!

Als u meer data nodig heeft hoor ik het wel, ik hoop wel dat u nog heeft kunnen genieten van het filmpje van de kippen van mijn vader! ze kunnen goed discussiëren!?

Nou ik ben benieuwd!! Ik zal de koffie wel vast warm zetten .



Wat een gedoe ook in België met het gestaak . Ik hoop dat mijn veerige vrienden de elven weer kunnen doen aansporen!

Veel kijkplezier, het zijn iig bezige kippetjes!!

dag Santa,

Dag santa,

Ik heb er even een sysateem alla boardgamegeek tegenaan gegooid, gerangschikt volgens de normale wishlist. waar bij 1 love to have it is en 5 don't buy this. Succes gewenst aan de elven met het selectie process. Fijn dat u mij op de hoogte stelt, ik had na zoveel jaar ervaring toch wel een iets minder calamiteitenrijke kerst voor u verwacht, succes met het rondvliegen en bezorgen van al die pakjes!!

Mocht er nog iets zijn hoor ik het gaarne.


Njim MSB emieheg tsjilnamtsrek taats redno ed Tnaw-ni-edart tsjil po ezed anigap naa ed tnakrethcer!!. Kjik tiu tnaw jih si gon ni wuobnaa ki pooh tad ej tiure tmok reenem Ydnas Swualk, T00w ki kjik re la raan tiu rooh. teh si djitla gre kuel mo et neveg ne et negjirk. Ni epicnirp dniv ki teh gitsal mo 2 stsilhsiw jib et neduoh sud ezed tsjil po ed tnaw ni edart si thce taw ki uoz nelliw . Ki laz nekjik fo ki re gon stei jib nak nennizrev raam, roov un teiz ezed tsjil re teh tseem aporue kjiledneirv tiu. Ed tsjil roov ed terces ggb atnas si taw reem laanoitanretni eg-tne.

Ej gam koo nekjik raan njim tsilhsiw, leweohla eid reem pu ot etad si roov ed ggb terces atnas. taal em raam neve stei netew sla ej gon taw nav em liw nebbeh .

Wos tad saw lew nee egitsal thcardpo rooh, ki neb re reevegno lew 74 nim. eem gizeb tseeweg. Ki pooh tein tad ej gon reem nav tid troos niegno roov jim ni ottep tbeh tnaw sredna tdrow teh nee eleh ekkurd keew roov jim. Gad. Luapje



Dear Santa, I made a list, checked it twice, it's all nice (accept for the ones marked 5 )! Thanks for your message, I think I have been good indeed. Although I worked very hard!! need some relaxing time with some games . I think I have some lying around somewhere haha. I am selling a few as well because I kind of need to make room for new stuff, stuff that does not get played get out!! .



Hi There,

Welcome to my profile page. I can be pretty short about all this, since I just started out getting a bit more into the boardgaming industry...

When I was little I liked playing boardgames a lot, Risk, Monopoly, Hotel and such games. But if I look at what there is available today!!! By God! Christmas 2009 I got Agricola and I really liked that game, although it was a bit complex at first it plays pretty easy. First game was with my parents, we played the family variant which was very fun.

After that game there was some silence, yeah I already had Carcassonne and played that like a nutter!! but no new stuff came in.

The last few months I've been crazy about the games and enjoying myself here on BGG... NICE!! been posting a bit, updating and expanding my collection and such things.

That's about 3 years ago... in 2011

A little addition to my profile seems in place. since it's 2013, I've played a lot more games, and I'd like to talk about a few things that happened with awe struck experiences .

What kind of games do I like, hmmm.... Well when I got into this hobby a bit more 1,5 year ago the first few games I bought were, Dominion, King of Tokyo, Alien Frontiers and 7 Wonders. With all these games (except KoT) I had this overwhelming wauw feeling when I first played them. Maybe it was because I was new to the scene, I don't know. The main reason this wow factor was having it’s effect, is because of the new/eye opening mechanics in these games. I know the first time i played 7 wonders we played it again and again and again and again. Good times. I like that in a game… The kind of games listed are a deckbuilder, a drafting fast civ card game, a dicerplacement area control game and yahtzee with a twist.

I like a wide array of boardgames, the ones mentioned above, but also a bit heavier games like Troyes, some feld games like Burgen von Burgund and Aquasphere. Abstracts like Yinsh, 2 player games like jaipur and agricola all creatures big and small. Card games like Coup, Tichu or the great Dalmutti.

I'd like to add a new paragraph since the message above is still true, my taste has become a bit more refined. I still like the euro type of games, like they are listed in my lists to the right. The ones with a little bit more interaction seem to be nice. But the big point engine games are lovely, problem with those games is that I need to find people to play with, and have a buckle down evening with. No problem at all, I just need to host an event like that.

All in all:

Keep on Gaming ppl!!?
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#5: Dominion
#6: Troyes
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#8: Carcassonne
#9: Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
#10: Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries
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