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Paul Mulders
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Hello Santa,

I have been a good boy, . I have to say that my profile text is a bit out of date. If you want to know more let me know and I'll see what I can do!

Hope you can find everything you need.

Yes I am the one in the white boots, the one in the red boods is Zangief, he's a bit of a bully.

Please note: I made a small change to my wishlist. Because my girlfriend received some gifts as well

**Santa Out**

Hi There,

Welcome to my profile page.

When I was little I liked playing boardgames a lot, Risk, Monopoly, Hotel and such games. But if I look at what there is available today!!! By God! Christmas 2009 I got Agricola and I really liked that game, although it was a bit complex at first it plays pretty easy. First game was with my parents, we played the family variant which was very fun.

After that, there was some silence, yeah I already had Carcassonne and played that like a nutter!! but no new stuff came in.

A little addition to my profile seems in place. since it's 2013, I've played a lot more games, and I'd like to talk about a few things that happened with awe struck experiences .

What kind of games do I like, hmmm.... Well when I got into this hobby a bit more 1,5 year ago the first few games I bought were, Dominion, King of Tokyo, Alien Frontiers and 7 Wonders. With all these games (except KoT) I had this overwhelming wauw feeling when I first played them. Maybe it was because I was new to the scene, I don't know. The main reason this wow factor was having it’s effect, is because of the new/eye opening mechanics in these games. I know the first time i played 7 wonders we played it again and again and again and again. Good times. I like that in a game… The kind of games listed are a deckbuilder, a drafting fast civ card game, a dicerplacement area control game and yahtzee with a twist.

I like a wide array of boardgames, the ones mentioned above, but also a bit heavier games like Troyes, some feld games like Burgen von Burgund and Aquasphere. Abstracts like Yinsh, 2 player games like jaipur and agricola all creatures big and small. Card games like Coup, Tichu or the great Dalmutti.

I'd like to add a new paragraph since the message above is still true, my taste has become a bit more refined. I still like the euro type of games, like they are listed in my lists to the right. The ones with a little bit more interaction seem to be nice. But the big point engine games are lovely, problem with those games is that I need to find people to play with, and with whome i have to buckle down for an evening.

Latest addition to my gaming life would be the addition of a real boardgaming club in Rotterdam, we are called Pionieers of the West.
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#5: Dominion
#6: Troyes
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#8: Carcassonne
#9: Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
#10: Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries
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