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Hi Santa

Sorry for the lack of a letter. It has been a very busy time, but who isn't busy these days, so its no excuse. Please accept my humble apologies.

As you will notice by my updated wishlist I have been hard at work attempting to remove myself from the naughty list. While I may not have commented on everything on the list please don't misconstrue the lack of a comment as a lack of interest.

I have been an avid board-gamer for close to 10 years now. I like all styles of games and particularly like introducing new games to fellow gamers. Whether it be my regular group, whom I've known most of my life, or the younger generation I have introduced board-games to through my children it has been a most rewarding experience.

Please feel free to inquire further as you deem necessary and rest assured the cookies will be plentiful. Do you have a particular type of cookie in mind?


Hi Santa

Just played Imperial Settlers with 4 players for the 1st time this past weekend so the update to game ratings was overdue, but has been finished.

The only unplayed...shhh are Mice & Mystics and Wiz War and for no other reason than lack of time and desires to play other games. They are on the to play list.

I know Santas is quite busy this time of year so I'll close quickly with this final comment. Hands down Boston Res Sox even when the Jays were winning in the early 90's!

Have a joyous holiday season

PS: Please feel free to equire further, always willing to help out.

Hi Santa

Hope you and your elves had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.

Yes it is definitely a busy time of the year. So I'll get right to my guess. I would have to lean toward Tammany Hall my reasoning being should I gain control of NY what would the fate of Boston be...

Hi Santa

You and your elves do a great job, thanks for taking the time to send another clue.

Starting to feel like Bilbo in The Hobbit except I'm not in a damp dark cave. I'll have to Global Mogul based on the clue provided.

Hi Santa

I will without doubt be very happy with whatever may arrive. I have the utmost confidence in Santas choices. It will be updated in my profile as well as the look what my secret Santa got me page.

As for the last clue, this is the easiest of the riddles (maybe I didn'the do so good on the 1st 2) it must be Imperial Settlers Why Can't We Be Friends.

This has been a most enjoyable secret Santa experience, thank you santa!

Merry Christmas

Hi Santa

The elves arrived bright and early this morning with the package I was most excited to see how my guess fared, needless to say I am no Bilbo, but am very very pleased no the less. Thank you for making this an unforgettable experience.

Here is the link to my post.


Wishing you and your all the joys of the season.

Thanks so so much!!

PS..I'd get after those elves if I were you, they forgot the gift-wrapping and included a bill of sale.
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