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I stopped logging plays as of Jan 2014, and I haven't been reviewing recently. I used to rate and comment on every game I played, but as I spend more time designing (and a little less time playing) nowadays I've limited my comments only to games I really enjoy.

My avatar.

Travis from Indie Boards & Cards was kind enough to arrange for me to be drawn as a specialist for the Flash Point Fire Rescue promos, as a thank you for my review and support of the game. So I've changed my avatar to the great picture of me in a fireman's hat. Brilliant. Shame the card is a little controversial... I make a rather young "veteran".

My favourite games.

These are the games which I consider the pinnacle of artistry in board-games.

I have a preference for European style games, don't like lots of conflict between players, and can't get on with civilisation building on a map. I don't enjoy heavily thematic games, but am fascinated by clever mechanics. Economic games and engine-building are a real draw for me. Of course there are exceptions to all this.

My favourite games include medium-heavy Euros, such as Agricola, Power Grid, Troyes, and Luna. I am happy to play even heavier titles such as Poseidon or Automobile. However, I also like a lot of sillier, lighter games. Catacombs, Formula De and Dice Town are all great games.

Most recently, I have become a very keen player of trick-taking games and simple dice games.

My board-gaming history.

I played a lot of board games as a child, and amongst the regular mass-produced nonsense were some gems like Scotland Yard, Enchanted Forest, and Wrasslin'. Teenage years brought on a whole host of Games Workshop board-games, most notably Blood Bowl, Talisman, and Heroquest, along with a few RPGs (especially Heroes Unlimited). During this time, I also played a lot of Dover Patrol: my Dad's childhood game

In my late teens I forgot about the goblins and wizards, and mainly played party games. Cranium and Beyond Balderdash were favourites during university years.

Nostalgia drew me back to games a few years ago, and the discovery of Fluxx gave me a new interest in gaming with friends. It was a couple of years after this revival of a long-time love of board-games that I discovered the world of European board-games. After purchasing Carcassonne, I quickly picked up Dominion and expansions. My girlfriend enjoyed them too. Thunderstone: Dragonspire seemed a natural successor to Dominion, but it stalled. My girlfriend hated it, and I wasn't sure about it. This was my first inkling that American-Thematic games weren't for me. This point has been repeatedly proven to me over the subsequent months. Sci-fi and Fantasy in particular have frequently proven to be turn-offs for me, although there are exceptions.

I have met a lot of new friends through the hobby, mainly by attending local gaming events. I now play sporadically at these events, or with friends at home. I also frequently play games with non-gamer friends over coffee, or with family (Takenoko, The Resistance: Avalon, Timeline etc.). I have picked up a few simple short games like Diamant, Dixit, Sushi Go!, and For Sale to play with work-colleagues over lunch. I have quite a collection of games now, and it is constantly growing.

I made my first trip to Essen in 2012, for the Spiel games convention, and it was quite an eye-opener. Obviously, my collecting expanded massively in that four-day period! I returned in 2014 primarily to demo my own designs to potential publishers. I look forward to attending again in the future.

I am always keen to make trades on BGG and involve myself in Maths trades wherever I can. I like that I can buy a game without trying it first, in the knowledge that I can trade it later if I don't get on with it.

My Hot Ten: Most recently acquired games.

These are the games I have most recently acquired by purchasing, or through trades.

My reviews.

I also review games on BGG. You can access my reviews from this geek-list:

Games I want to own.

These are the games I intend to buy soon, maybe pick up in a Maths Trade, or wish I could find at a decent price in the UK!

My designs.

I have designed the following games (all as yet unpublished):

1. City Rollers - city-building/dice rolling.
2.N/A - space-themed tile-laying game.
3. Animal Olympics - trick taking game.
4. Ruffling Feathers - trick taking game.
5. ElimiNation - inspired by Super Bomberman.
6. Stock and Roll - dice rolling stock-market simulation.
7. Advantage Tennis
8. Advantage Cricket
9. Advantage Baseball - the "Advantage" games are a series of free print and play sports games, using the same basic system of card-play, all available to download from BGG.
10. Stories of the Time Travellers - a deck-building/story-telling game.
11. On a roll - a dice game
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Top 10
#1: Dixit
#2: Agricola
#3: Tigris & Euphrates
#4: Dominion
#5: Dominant Species
#6: At the Gates of Loyang
#7: Java
#8: Tajemnicze Domostwo
#9: Auf Teufel komm raus
#10: The Resistance: Avalon
Hot 10
#1: Leg los!
#2: Pick Picknic
#3: Bite Night
#4: Codenames
#5: Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Twin Shadows
#6: Nauticus
#7: Medina (second edition)
#8: Spyfall
#9: Camel Up: Supercup
#10: Anomia
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