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My taste in games is pretty wide - hence my Geek Badge is "Broad gamer." I am certainly not a rotund person!

I enjoy lots of different genres almost equally. Good games excite me! I like everything from heavy Euros and heavier wargames to light Euros, kids' games and party games. I have loved playing games since I was a kid and I still have many of the ones I had back then, and they run to several types. My gaming philosophy is, if it's a good game, play it and don't worry about what genre it belongs to. Gaming snobbery is an anathema to me.

I tend to give 9 and above to games that are the best of their type. A 10 means that as well as being a cracker, I really love the game. 8's are very good, 7's are good and 6's are above average. 5's are about average and 4's may be either just below average or just something that I don't like very much even if it is an adequate game. I never give a game less than 4 if it is a well designed and put-together game - even if I hate it. 3 or less means that it is weak, poor or very poor.

Games most looking forward to trying include:
Mexica, Successors 111,Price of Freedom, Blackbeard, Chang Cheng and L2s Grand Fleet. I've got most of these here/on order and am just awaiting the chance to play them.


I am married with two kids (16 and 13). I am a Counsellor who lives in the Congleton, Cheshire, UK - although I was born and spent most of the first part of my life in Liverpool - the Pool of Life! I've also lived in Southport, Bath, Durham, Darlington and Leicester. Previous jobs include an Arts Officer in Liverpool and a Supply Officer for the Royal Navy...something to do with submarines...very hush, hush, you know!

My Avatar is named after Admiral Sir John Fisher (known as Jacky). He is a big hero of mine and is maybe one of History's forgotten great men. Basically, he formed the fleet that GB fought WW1 with. He was responsible for the building of Dreadnoughts and Battle-Cruisers and he totally revamped the way the Navy worked. He turned it from a self-satisfied, lazy unit full of waste and obsolescence, into a modern unit with the best trained men in the world running the most powerful fleet in the world. Not only that, but he was one of the more fascinating characters of recent history. He was colourful and charming, liked to sing and dance, was full of interesting quotes and was really good to his men. All of that was very different from his dull, beaurocratic contemporaries. He was a close friend of King Edward V11 and Winston Churchill and served Britain late into his life as First Sea Lord. I have visited his house and met his great-grandson.

My other hobbies are watching Liverpool Football Club (and trying not to get upset about it), playing music (saxophone and piano),listening to music and photography. I also write children's picture books and poetry and have had many poems published in a large variety of poetry magazines. I hope to have my first Collection out before too long. Since my kids are now both at school I have been able to get my sax and pen out more often! I do a bit of juggling when I get the time (3 balls are easy and I can do 4 for a time). If I had more time I could get my real golf clubs out instead of having to play Playstation golf.

I love Counselling - I've always been interested in psychological matters and find my background in philosophy has helped. I completed an MA in Counselling in 2010. Philosophy and counselling may have helped me solve a lot of life's problems - but maybe not Age of Steam! My theoretical persuasion is person-centred (ala Carl Rogers), though I have a strong leaning for Existential Therapy and Philosphical counselling, too. I run a private practice in Cheshire and also work for well known private medical companies.

I've played in a rock band, which was the second biggest selling artist signed to Probe Records in Liverpool. We made two albums and two mini-albums in the mid-late 80s and early 90s. We have a My Space page or two dedicated to us...so we're not forgotten! I still like to do a bit of songwriting when I get the urge, but these days other things take up most of my energy!

I'm really into music and have pretty broad taste. If pushed, I'd name The Beatles, Mozart and Chopin as the music I love the most.

I enjoy travel and have been to many countries, but I've especially enjoyed these places: Greece, Belgium, Scotland, Norway, New York City, Tuscany and St Petersburg.

Top of my list of places I want to visit are some of the wilder places of the world - Patagonia, Spitsbergen, Greenland, Antarctica. One day, I hope to get there, but whilst the kids are young, I might have to settle for Iceland or the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Forward Observer

I am the Leader of Forward Observer which is a Discussion group made up of wargamers. We regularly publish our musings on BGG with the aim of fostering interest in wargaming.

My idea was to give wargames a better profile here and I've got a group of like-minded and keen people working with me on that.

You can see some of our stuff here:

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Top 10
#1: Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage
#2: Wallenstein (first edition)
#3: Perikles
#4: Pirate's Cove
#5: Jutland
#6: Midway
#7: Medici
#8: Struggle of Empires
#9: El Grande
#10: Cranium
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#1: The Downfall of Pompeii
#2: Power Grid
#3: Hansa Teutonica: Britannia
#4: Seastrike
#5: Gulo Gulo
#6: San Marco
#7: Carcassonne: The Castle
#8: Loopin' Louie
#9: Safranito
#10: Twilight Struggle
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