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Dear Santa,

Sometimes people probably write to you thinking they need things. I don't need any games: I own several hundred. What I'd like for Christmas depends on how things are going for you.

If you're really busy
Upgrade my 2nd printing of Pandemic and On the Brink to the fancy new edition so I can enjoy it guilt-free. You could order it from my FLGS for me to pickup if you want.

If you're only slightly busy
Peruse my wishlist, or my want-in-trade list and pick something out you'd feel good buying for me. I'm happy for you to buy it from or you can handle it in whatever way you want.

If you're not busy and feeling creative
I enjoy sprucing up my games with nice bits or handy organizers. If you want to be creative and do something that helps me enjoy the games I already own, then that sounds awesome. I don't need anything for Eclipse, by the way… I went a little crazy on that one.

If you're feeling super creative
I have a few regrets in life, but the one that nags at me the most is that I don't get to play games as much as I want. I have no idea how you could help fix that, but if I could only put one thing on my list to you this year it would be, "Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is to play more games!"

Correspondence with Santa:

November 13

While you're on the roof, could you please clear the leaves that have a tendency to collect by the gable over my game room? Thanks in advance.

November 14, part 1
Santa, I like Quarriors, too. I struggle with having that much invested in a filler game, though. I like dice games a lot. Haven't tried Dice Masters yet. I will check a video out when time permits.

November 14, part 2
Thanks a ton, Santa! Don't worry that I don't like your hometown. I own tracks 2 and 4 for Formula D. If that doesn't have you covered, then I missed one. Keep being awesome!

November 17
Thanks for the magic chant, Santa. Looking forward to seeing if it works tomorrow!

November 18, part 1
I have a question for you, Santa. Is your gift gift-wrapped inside the box? I was thinking it might be fun to put it under the tree and actually wait until Christmas to open it. I didn't want to open the outer box if I'd see the gift inside.

November 18, part 2
S'cool, Santa. I'd be a fool to complain. I'll just wrap a gift to myself. That will be fun!

December 21
My wife wrapped your present to me yesterday and she was excited. She said she likes you very much.
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