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Myanmar [Burma]
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Hi. I'm Felix: Husband, Father, Anthropologist, Gamer.

Once, I had the great honor of being RPG GEEK OF THE WEEK!
I was Geek of the Week

I was selected by
Chaotic Good
United States
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As you guide your cursor over the blue avatar a strange feeling of dread comes over you.

and chose
Sean Allen
United States
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as my successor.

After those frumious days, for a while I have been submitting each RPG GotW to the Dice Challenge of Doom, a challenge never so far overcome. Then I stopped, because I got distracted (boo, hiss!). Some statistic will follow at some point.
Basically, I am to similar degrees a boardgamer and a roleplayer, but have gotten involved in RPGGeek much more recently than BGG. I do not post much, but keep abreast of current events, occasionally chip in, and will try to always be running and/or playing a Play-by-Forum game or three.
And then I became Video Game of the Week #160!

That was awesome too. And it made me admit that OF COURSE am I a Videogamegeek as well. Everybody plays videogames.

Currently playing: a bunch of assorted RPGs (Cthulhu Dark, Night Witches, Fighting Fantasy, Lasers&Feelings, ....)
Currently running: Monster of the Week, yet again.
Next up: more Monster of the Week, Remnants, Sagas of the Icelanders, Dungeon World…

I am tracking my PbF games here on the site: My RPGGeek Play-By-Forum Games
This is mostly for the purpose of clearing my quick bar of no longer current items, but it will eventually present an interesting historical record, I am sure.

To sign up for a game of MotW that might start eventually, please visit my Monster of the Week Waiting List.

Due to my close ties to Lookout Games (oh: add "Brother" to the list above), I have been involved in the development and translation of a number of boardgames.

There is an Agricola card with my face on it, and as of now (Feb 2016), a Viticulture card as well.

I am fortunate in still being able to integrate gaming into my private and professional schedules, and hope that this arrangement will work for many years. My son is still small, but I'd be surprised if he doesn't grow up a gamer as well. When we have game night, he actually likes to stay up and very quietly watch the grown-ups play. Awesome. Recently, when my friends arrived for game night, he brought out his "Obstgarten" and demanded we play it before his bedtime. Of course, we obliged. (#soproud) Update, now he demands we play Karnickel - a true child of Lookout Games. Next year, Caverna! Update: Beasty Bar is the hotness.
They grow up so fast don't they.

Secret Santa, Secret Cthanta 2014 and onwards: I am skipping you guys, with regret, but I do not need any more games.

Parting Quote:
vestige wrote:
"I'm pretty sure Felix would Kickstart the real apocalypse, if somebody stamped "Powered by the Apocalypse" on there..."
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Country: Myanmar [Burma]
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#2: Halali
#3: Glory to Rome
#4: Robo Rally
#5: Galaxy Trucker
#6: Can't Stop
#7: Endeavor
#8: The Resistance
#9: Brawl
#10: Schuss und Tor
Hot 10
#1: Arctic Scavengers: Base Game+HQ+Recon
#2: Cube Quest
#3: Migration: Book II – A Saga of Conflict
#4: Beasty Bar: New Beasts in Town
#5: Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King
#6: Cthulhu Wars
#7: Teomachia
#8: The Bloody Inn
#9: Loopin' Chewie
#10: Conan
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