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I woke up in Escher's World today...
Here's a bit about me and my gaming interests and background...

I've always enjoyed boardgames - as a child on family holidays, some of my favourite days were the rainy ones where we had to stay in and play games!

Then over the last 20 years or so I have been building up a games collection of mostly Euro-style games at the rate of a few games a year. This means my games collection spans several decades, and some of the games I enjoy most are old favourites. Unfortunately I have more games than I have time to play them, because of family and other commitments. But given the choice, I'd still rather be playing games as a leisure pursuit than almost anything else.

Apart from occasional get-togethers or holidays with friends (when I'll try to cram in as many games as possible) I mainly play games with my family - my wife and two sons.

If I can, I'll always play the black pieces in any game. Unless someone who knows this deliberately picks them before me to annoy me. (They know who they are...)

As a teenager I got into RPGs - mainly Dungeons and Dragons - but hadn't played any RPGs since, until participating in the newbie play-by-forum inititative in 2014. That got me back into RPGs, and I've since dived into several other PBF games and started running my own as a GM. In March 2015 I was the 267th RPG Geek of the Week

My PBF Games

Rats in the Cellar (Labyrinth Lord / Basic D&D) - as Joraph the fighter. The one that got it all started...
The Adventurers who saved Winter Solstice (D&D 5e) - as Finn Farthingby, Halfling Bard and Tale-Gatherer
Cheat Your Own Adventure: The Catacombs of Midnight! guiding the unnamed adventurer to freedom - or his doom?

In play
Rahasia (Labyrinth Lord / Basic D&D) - as Puckle the thief
Hoard of the Dragon Queen (D&D 5e) - as Tallak the Dwarven Wizard
The Hourglass Realm (D&D 5e) - as Cadogan Swyft, the spy
The Secret of Minas Anghen (The One Ring) - as Lymernil the Mirkwood Elf Warden
The Fate of Farmville (D&D 5e) - returning as Finn Farthingby, Halfling Bard and Tale-Gatherer

Precious Nonsense (Costume Fairy Adventures) - as Calla Lily, the brownie (yes, really...)


Beyond the Barricades (Labyrinth Lord / Basic D&D)

In play
Halls of the Hearthkeepers (Labyrinth Lord / Basic D&D)
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