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Thanks Santa,
that's a really nice package and we loved to "play" busen memo so far (i won ). My girlfriend didn't told me your package was here until yesterday, but it was perfect Can't wait to play the other games (one or two today, Rex definately at saturday!).
Thanks for another year of fun and entertainment with the bgg secret santa event!


Wow, I just thougth you wouldn't write me anymore, now I'm happy again

I'm curious what's in the package and I'll post it at the geeklist

If you enjoyed my designs and know a publisher who could be interested in it, feel free to recommend me
And my first soon to be published game (at east the first preview) is announced here:

I hope you have a Santa who is as nice as you are



I know your elves always work hard and make a good job

And it seems you're interested in my game designs, unfortunately I have everything at my facebook account or not uploaded. But I can tell you sth. about the best two prototypes here:

Arrr!!! - A backstabbing semi-cooperative pirate game with much interaction for 3-8 players. It feels a little bit like Junta in short and without the "game in the game" thing. The crew tries to get as much gold as possible and save it at the hideaway (saved gold= not for use anymre, unsaved gold=buy crew, items, repair the ship, bribe...) to get victory points. If the ship sinks, all players lost the game. Had a very interested publisher for this game but he got a very good offer from a well known designer and cancelled my project... now he's out of business This game seems cursed... devil

Exodus - A relative fast playing (max 20-30min per player) card driven 4x game. Every player needs to get control over planets and get them into their realm. The bigger the empire grows, the more predefined actions are given and the player lose much flexibility. At some point the empire falls and the player scores points and rises with a new civilisation within the old empire.

Some other games in a not finished prototype Status are
- a cthulhuesque game that Uses a cube tower as random generator not only for the outcome of the cubes but as a "Mission generator" and difficult changer.
- a space invaders Dice game. Players Control the earth Forbes and try to destroy the Mars base with Counter attacks while they research alien Technology and destroy aliens at earth. Little bit like xcom Meets the Pandemic Dice game.
- a sandbox boardgame rpg in a postapocalyptic world without a game master.
- an abstract area Control game with everchanging Units.
- a risk like economic wargame (several ressources, Units and buildings)
- and it feels like a new idea every week, at the moment i try to build a game where resources are finite and players try to get the victory conditions before it's impossible...

Another game will be published (as far as I can tell) next year and a second game is at the review phase but sounds promising, too. I try to get a hattrick but at least one published game is very good for me, too


Hello Santa,

I don't know if I'm comfortable with being naughty at my profile, bt you seem to be a very naughty Santa, too, so it's ok

First, thanks for being a writing Santa and not a silent one

I love to play board games since many, many years, supporting the industry (with rules translations and/or support publishers at Essen). We try to play regulary every week, but it's more a try at the moment
I'm a fan of story driven games (like Arkham Horror) and economic games (unfortunately my group prefers to play games in < 90minutes), but I play everything as long as we have fun (we play Diplomacy once a year... maybe I have an odd definition of "fun" devil)

Yes I'm a game designer myself, just without a printed game (wait till next Essen ) and I have a broad portfolio of games here, from backstabbing to empire building, abstract games, dice games, lovecraftian horror-surival... my mind is sometimes out of control and I have to design something.

Let's go to your questions: I love games, doesn't matter if it's print and play, used or new. Gaming is a social event, we eat and drink while gaming and sometimes my dogs want to play with us shake

We speak english, that's no problem at all. If it's a game my 12 years old brother can play with us, we can help him with the translation and he can learn english, too.

And my girlfriend says I should only play Busen Memo with her, but she can be convinced, I guess whistle


New year, new Santa

Lets see if I was a good boy this year. whistle

I updated everything, but I'm interested in every kind of game, so feel free to guess what I also like

I'll update my page if you want some more infos and/or updates, just waiting for your messages.

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