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Wow Santaaaaa,

you're one of the best Santas ever, thanks I'll post pictures in the santa-thread at the end of the week (two days left for my thesis, little bit stressed) but you made me very, very happy!!!



I didn't get a package but then I asked one of your elves, codename "wife" and after some talking she said she concealed the package till christmas or till santa allows to open it. So I have to wait (searched it but couldn't find it... I am a bad boy when I smell boardgames ).
So, when should I recieve it?

So every question? From the meaning of life to the meaningless of Jihad? From questions about my unknown future to your unknown past?
hmm.. first: how fast is your sled and where can I get one? I guess I will never be too late then But the most Important Question: Where are you born? Are you from the north or did you move there from... maybe Europe, Asia, even Australia? What do you do the whole year? Carribean holidays?

kind regards,


Dear Santa,

sorry for the late response, I'm in the final stage of my master thesis (1 week to go now) and had some problems with it. I hope you are not that busy (but you have 10+ months/year for holidays so that's a good job as Santa).
Now the last message was hard to understand, but I like it But what did you mean with "ask questions"?



Dear Santa,

I hope I was a good boy. It was a very busy year for me and my "family" and now I'm happy to see, that the year will end just fine
I have many Interests, I lov euros and ameritrash, dice, cards, fast games and long games. You can take a look at my ratings and the wishlist. The game(s) cn be new or used, german or english, doesn't matter. If you think I would love a game not at this list (and the overall rating is ok), that's fine, too

Feel free to write me any letters, I try to answer them as fast as possible.

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