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Wowser Santa,
I received a package from your summer vacation home in Arizona, and boy was I surprised with the overflowing goodiness that came out of the box.
The Monsters and Maidens with expansion and bits will be great to play with my girls. They will get a kick out of rolling dice and rescuing the damsels in distress. Both Legendary Fantastic 4 and Bang the Dice Game were on my list and I can't wait to give them a go. Coup I have played with my game group before and it was a great bluffing game, having my own copy will allow me to play it whenever I want. Verona, Paradise Fallen and Rise all look fun to play as well. My wife is a Shakespeare fan and so Verona should be right up her alley.
I ust wanted to say thank you very much Santa for the awesome bounty and I cant wait to get some of these games to the table!
Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Dear Santa,
My apologies, I suppose I belong on the naughty list for being so late in posting here. I'm not very familiar with many of the functions here on the geek and that little editing pencil on ones profile can be incredibly difficult to see at a glance. It took me this long to remember how to get to this editing ability so I can post this apology. Hopefully Santa will check his list thrice and find this note.

So Santa...
A little about me as you requested. I'm an avid gamer, but as noticed by my lack of knowledge on using this website I come here mostly to read reviews and check out new and interesting games. I also have a fondness of computer and console gaming.
I'm recently 33 years old (Nov 18th), have been married to my wonderful wife Melina for going on 12 years (June 29th will mark my 12th anniversary.) And I have two wonderful little girls.
Katarina is a precocious 8 and Aria is a defiant 6.
Katarina is named after powerful female royalty, Katarina and Elizabeth. Aria, whose name we picked before this whole Game of Thrones popularity thing happened with that name, is named after a musical aria, which is an expressive melody usually performed by a singer. Such as the Angel of Music from the Phantom of the Opera. Aria's middle name came from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Though my wife will insist that her first name also came from Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. So my two children are named Katarina Elizabeth and Aria Juliet.
Both love being involved in playing any games that daddy is playing and insist on watching if I am playing a computer game or being involved and playing if we are playing a board game.

As far as what my children and wife would say if I have been naughty or nice... I suppose my kids would say I'm the best daddy ever, but I'm mean sometimes like when they have to clean up their room and such.
My wife would say I've been good, but that I already have enough games (I totally disagree here).
For games that I enjoy, I am fairly open to any type of game. I enjoy games I can play with my family such as Rampage, but also enjoy the deeper and more strategical games that I can play with friends like Eclipse, Civilizations and Sentinels of the Multiverse. Currently I am working on putting together all of the pieces from my Myth pledge, learning the rules and will be attempting to get that game to the table in the near future.

I'm sure whatever presents you find that I deserve Santa I will be thrilled with, and I can't wait to see what surprises you have in store for me.
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