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Keith Rudolph
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GIR, quickly, ride the pig!
Yaaaaaay! I don't know what you just said!
Like many people, I started playing board games as a kid; the standard Monopoly and Risk garbage, along with things like Candyland, Life, and Pay Day. By the time I was 12 or 13, I had lost all interest in these bland games and thought I was done with board games forever. In 2008, one of the guys I worked with invited me to a board game night. With nothing better to do that evening, I went along, fully expecting the stuff I was already used to. Instead, I was exposed to Carcassonne, Power Grid, and Ticket to Ride; a style of games I had never seen before. And I was instantly hooked. I started with a fairly small collection.

When I moved from Winnipeg to Calgary, I lost my regular gaming group and access to a lot of games. I quickly built up my collection, hoping to find others to play with again. I introduced my now-wife to modern day board games through a couple of games and she was immediately hooked as well. Our collection has since exploded with new games being added on a regular (perhaps a little too frequent) basis. It should be no surprise then that our house has a dedicated games room which you can read about in my Evolution of a Games Room blog.

In most cases, I tend to rate expansions at the same value as their base game unless I feel they add something to the game or are just a really bad expansion. While I record every one of my plays, I record the plays for just the base game and never the expansions as I tend to always use them once they're mixed in. For games like Carcassonne, recording a single play for the base game and every single one of those expansions would be too time consuming for no additional value.

My FLGS: Sentry Box
Online stores of choice: BoardGameBliss, Great Boardgames, and Starlit Citadel

What have I played recently? Let's take a look...

My current top 10:

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Registration Date: 2008-12-31
Last Profile Update: 2015-01-01
Last Login: 2015-07-31
Country: flag Canada
State: Alberta
Town/City: Langdon
Website: http://www.curiousmeeple.com/
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Board Game Ratings 539
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8 103   (19.1%)
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5 57   (10.6%)
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Board Game Expansion Ratings 323
Average Rating 6.62
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9 10   (3.1%)
8 59   (18.3%)
7 118   (36.5%)
6 91   (28.2%)
5 26   (8.0%)
4 18   (5.6%)
3 1   (0.3%)
2 0   (0.0%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Top 10
#1: Village
#2: Murano
#3: Bruges
#4: Puerto Rico: Limited Anniversary Edition
#5: Dungeon Petz
#6: Alchemists
#7: AquaSphere
#8: Rococo
#9: Troyes
#10: Five Tribes
Hot 10
#1: Suburbia
#2: Seasons
#3: Biblios
#4: Bruges
#5: Russian Railroads
#6: Jaipur
#7: Pandemic: The Cure
#8: Five Tribes
#9: Mutant Meeples
#10: Viceroy
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