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Marius Roth
Lower Saxony
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Dear Secret Santa,
welcome on my profile and sorry to make you wait for this introductory text. Life has been a bit rough lately with the loss of a loved family member, so I had to really gather some strenght and mood to sit down and write these lines.

To get to the point: You might have already checked out my whishlist. Don't mind the increments (Must have, Love to have, Like to have...), they are mostly for me to set some priorities. And as I only have 2 (quite expensive) "Must have" games, you can skip these. Visiting SPIEL in Essen this year sadly didn't show me many new games that I would say "I would like to have these". Therefore there are hardly any "new" games on the list but many expansions to games that I already have and that my friends enjoy playing (when they find time). So you don't have to get me a new game, all expansions on my wishlist are appreciated in the same way.
You also don't have to go "over the top". Last year I recieved 3 packages, with different games and things inside, which was cool. But I feel like a grew older, wiser and more humble, and hardly think about quantity but about quality of presents. So one expansion is as much appeciated as two games.

If you need some help finding (online) stores, Spiele Offensive and Amazon are the notable choices, but the gals at MagierSpiele are also a nice and helpful bunch, and rather cheap (their website is mostly german, but it looks like you can login with Amazon, and sending them a friendly email might also yield some help).
Although I'm quite fluent in english, some of my friends are not, and therefore I prefer my games in german language (or at least with german rules).

Thank you for your time reading this
Season greetings from Germany
Marius aka. Astartus

Update 25.11.2015
First St. Nick present recived. But my dirty boots and the present have to wait till th 6th December to be opened and polished (or the other way around?). Pictures of polish action and unwrapping will follow.

Update 15.12.2015
Dear Santa,
the second package has safely arrived, and the weight of the package really makes me curious. I try to stay calm and to keep the present packed until christmas, but it might happen that a friend comes back to town over the holidays, and I might open the pack earlier if it promises to be fun to play with with my pal (he's also a bit into boardgames).

You sir or madam seem to be a really secretive person. I thought to know your identity from the message in the first package. But the second box bears a completely different name and address. You really got me confused

Nonetheless thanks alot for the gifts. Keep checking back here at christmas cause I will add a link to the geeklist item I will set up then when all gifts have been unwrapped.

Have a nice holiday season and may your secret santa be as generous as you are.


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