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Dave Caldwell
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You Greeks are always children!
Jean Gabin in La Grande Illusion
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Figure 1. The Mighty Beast
I am a research postgraduate in Education at Durham University in the UK, humanities professor at small college in the US; I come from a long line of men who find women way out of our league, marry them, and
Figure 2. The Bodhisattva "Bodhi"
impoverish them; I bike to work (see Figure 1) year round regardless of temperature (the commute's record low: -20C/-4F) or conditions--it is good for the environment, my bank account, and me; I have two dogs (see Figures 2 & 3) who serve as resident lecturers on the topics of persistent love, tennis ball dynamics, and covert sofa operations.

Figure 3. Beacan
As a board gamer, I enjoy story more than I enjoy winning. A soul-crushing loss due to misjudgment, luck, or being outmaneuvered is really just another great narrative to me. Battle Line and Carcassonne are currently house favorites so they are played most. My wife is my primary opponent and we are both
Figure 4. Magnificence
involved in fun-pausing projects currently, so we are not playing as much as we would like. Scrabble and AD&D are certainly at the center of my gaming identity though they are not played often or at all. And I think Goa is quite possibly the greatest game ever designed. It is weighty in setup and takedown, however, so it is not played as often as others in the collection.

In my free time I memorize the scientific names of birds, Scrabble word lists, and Shakespeare's soliloquys. I have an overwhelming fear of losing my memory. I'm not sure why.

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Geekbadge: This brief exclamation is from an account in Plato's Timeaus. When discussing cultures with the philosopher Solon of Athens, an old Egyptian priest comments on the Greeks being young in soul, "Solon, Solon you Greeks are always children!" The priest points to the Greek life-long love of games, their ethos. This ethos, I like to think, is my inheritance.

Avatar photo: Jean Gabin in La Grande Illusion, one of my favorite films and one of the greatest humanist essays of the 20th century.

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Biblios and the Walls of St. Victor 2.73

The Bishop is no Longer interested in your Scrolls and Forbidden Tomes 2.5

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