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Please note: games on my "For Trade" list are actually not for trade, but rather for sale. Feel free to inquire.

I am a father, a husband and a social worker. I play a lot of games with my children and occasionally with my wife, most often when we have guests. We started playing board games together at the end of 2006, starting with Carcassonne. My exposure to the world of board games outside of the typical household collection began when I played Dark Tower around age eight.

Up until I took an administrative position in August of 2014, I worked with children and used games as much as possible to engage with them. I previously worked at a day treatment school with children in elementary through high school classrooms and treatment groups. I used my experience with bringing games into residential settings and group settings to develop programs for the school, such as using gaming to provide structure to otherwise chaotic times in the school (i.e.: lunch time) and developing curricula that incorporates games to supplement the other more traditional means for children to digest educational material.

Prior to this job (and my Masters degree in social work), I worked in residential treatment programs where I introduced board games as a major part of the group activities. This was so successful that eventually the children were allowed to choose to play a game for their compulsory academic time if they did not have homework to complete. I found it interesting how the depth and challenge of the games played developed rapidly. Many of the kids spent less time on the video game systems during free time and developed wonderful social skills through their face-to-face gaming interactions. For some reason, I never logged my game plays with this population, though we played at least one game every shift and I worked four or five shifts a week.

Shortly after I got into board gaming, I co-organized a weekly game group with rocketkiwi (who is now the sole organizer of the group) at Crossroad Games in Standish, Maine. Check out the game group guild for more information. In 2010, I co-developed a non-profit community-based leadership program for youth in our area. The curriculum was based on board games and role-playing games. The pilot program ran between June and August of 2010. Though the program did not live on past this particular iteration, it was a useful venture. For a time, I also co-hosted a podcast with quarashi called the Netrunomicon, which is a podcast all about Android: Netrunner.

At this point, I endeavor to game as much with my children as I can and am presently interested in exposing them to narrative-based board games and RPGs. I have a regular gaming partner with whom I game twice weekly. By and large, we prefer heavy euros and war games (the latter of which I never thought I'd enjoy as much as I do). I especially appreciate games that are asymmetric, have a salient element of coopetition, and/or are sandbox-like.

I welcome any and all suggestions and comments regarding my endeavors.

Most Anticipated Games:
Comanchería: The Comanche Empire (1700-1875)
Hands in the Sea
Nemo's War (Gold Star Edition)

Anticipated Games
Fields of Despair: France 1914-1918
Orange Revolution

Games on my Radar:
D-Day at Omaha Beach
Conquest of Paradise

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