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Magister Ludi
Western Australia
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Roll low!
You are a paradox to me, a contradiction You're a predicament for me, and a prediction
About me : I like poetry, long walks on the beach and
poking dead things with a stick...


The young one chillin out..

..and psyching out Dad.

And five years later growing up fast!


"There may be other universes
based on all sorts of principles,
but ours is based on war and games."
- William S. Burroughs

"When we are in game worlds, many of us become the
best of ourselves. How can we take those feelings and
apply them to real-world work?" - Jane McGonigal, director
of games research & development, Institute for the Future.

"There is a curious thing about the human mind.
When we play games, we get the most fascination from
those that satisfactorily combine skill and chance...
there is sort of optimum middle where order and
randomness go together." -Alan Watts 'Zen and the Beat Way'

"Gaming should be the necessary means by which people who are
really involved in crisis continuouly game out their skills."
-Steve R.Pieczenik q.v Thomas B. Allen in 'Wargames'

"We were not making silly-ass games to amuse our contemporaries amongst the baby boomers. Nor to allow gamers to "roll some dice and kick some ass", but to provide valuable insights into historical or contemporary events that we believed the manual simulation made uniquely possible." -David C. Isby , on SPI design ethos.(CSW Forum)

"The game was not mere practice and mere recreation;
it became a form of concentrated self-awareness for
-Hermann Hesse 'The Glass Bead Game'

"I don't think I can be expected to take seriously any game which takes less than three days to reach its conclusion"
-Tom Stoppard, 1984

" . . . nor should they play games of chance or dice,
or watch others play, because . . . according to the
teachings of the church fathers, those who play such games
are attending sacrifices made to demons."
- Robert Grosseteste (bishop of Lincoln, c. 1239)

"War is really only interesting
because of what it says about
the human condition. In the end,
it's about people." - Les Carlyon

"You may not be interested in war, but war
is interested in you." - Leon Trotsky

“I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it.”
- Jack Handy

"War is the province of uncertainty: three-fourths of those things upon which action in war must be calculated, are hidden more or less in the clouds of great uncertainty."- C. VON CLAUSEWITZ, On War

"...nothing is more indicative of a war going badly than valiant propaganda..If a country shouted that it would fight to the last drop of blood that usually means that it is ready to surrender"- Paul Theroux,Riding the iron rooster.

"I don't believe in war: there is far too much luck in it for my liking"- Emperor Louis Napoleon, after the victory at Solferino, 1859.

"Earlier theorists aimed to equip the conduct of war with principles, rules, or even systems, and thus considered only factors that could be mathematically calculated (e.g., numerical superiority; supply; the base; interior lines). All these attempts are objectionable, however, because they aim at fixed values. In war everything is uncertain and variable, intertwined with psychological forces and effects, and the product of a continuous interaction of opposites.

Theory becomes infinitely more difficult as soon as it touches the realm of moral values.

Thus it is easier to use theory to organize, plan, and conduct an engagement than it is to use it in determining the engagement’s purpose." -Carl von Clausewitz

Why I like Historical Simulations....this quote sums it up.

Truth_Will_Prevail wrote:

1.) The more difficult games (like ASL/Monster Wargames or anything similar weight) offer a genuine mental pleasure (some have compared it to sex - I think they need to step away from the game table more often - that said, it can be very stimulating.) Being able to understand the rules and play a game is enjoyable (and an accomplishment of itself), playing it well is doubly enjoyable.

2.) The story created by the games (and flush with historic feel) is very enjoyable (Combat Commander is no where near the top of the difficulty ladder but tells a great story without too much mental investment - of course other games do this well also - from the entry level to the most difficult - you can be the corporal, sarge, or even the general pushing his divisions to victory.

3.) The historicity learned is great (of course it really helps if your interested in history)

4.) Being an armchair general is loads of fun in and of itself and changing history or winning a lost battle is certainly a Hoo-Rah sort of moment all by itself.

5.) As has been said above "it's war baby" - and without anyone getting hurt (except maybe the occasional ego)

6.) The best format for playing solo games (IMO) and the genre lends itself well to serious tactical/strategic simulation or just plain fun smack-down combat.

6.) I enjoy other boardgames -- but nothing is quite as satisfying as a good wargame IMHO -- now I want to play something - see ya.

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#9: Triumph & Glory: Battles of the Napoleonic Wars 1796-1809
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