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I've been playing board and card games since I was a kid, first with my dad playing Checkers, Chess and later games like Breakthru, Twixt and Stratego when they were brand new. I also played a lot of games with my mom who was the real boardgamer in the family. Besides the usual Scrabble and Password there were games of Chinese Checkers, Stadium Checkers, Square Mile and Acquire. With four younger brothers, games were always in play, including the long Monopoly games and then tons of Risk when it first arrived in time for my 10th birthday. As long as those Monopoly games were, the weeklong games of Phalanx with my friend Rick were even longer. Broadsides, Dogfight and others were in play more often than not.

As the boardgamer in the family, I ended up with many of those family games, including the odd ones like Equations and Wff', plus a butterdish version of Foil.

My spare time in the Navy was often spent playing cards, Hearts, Spades, Pinochle, Cribbage and Acey Ducey a variant of Backgammon. In 1975 I was reintroduced to Acquire and played it at least once a week, twice on weekends for the better part of two years with another couple. By the early 1980s, I started playing D&D and found new boardgames to play. My Third Thursday game group has a couple of the same players from those early D&D days. While a great amount of playtime was devoted to RPGs with this group, boardgames hit the table here and there and the past few years have been focused on boardgames only.

Since later part of the 1970s, I have played and collected a large number of games. In 1995, I was gifted the first version of Mayfair's Settlers of Catan. This was not my first play of a German boardgame however, for that we go back a few years to around 1987. One of the members of the Third Thursday game group had spent time in Germany for work and brought back a few games, Hase und Igel was one of those as was Das Börsenspiel, one of my favorite games from that time frame. Still, Settlers was certainly the start of a change in my game tastes that has carried forward to today.

Along the way I spent time playing with the Silicon Valley Boardgamers and other local game conventions.

Speaking of Game Conventions, I attended quite a few game conventions in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1998, a good gaming buddy got me to join the staff of ConQuest (Labor Day weekend) which had its roots in PacifiCon. After one year, I moved to help run boardgames at ManaFest in 1999 and 2000. In late 2000, ManaFest joined up to GameCon (Memorial Day weekend) and together it became KublaCon starting in 2001. In 2004 I returned as staff at ConQuest in addition to my work for KublaCon. I stopped helping at ConQuest/Pacificon after 2009, and 2012 marked my last year on Staff for KublaCon. At age 63, it was time to let younger folks take the Con...

I also host a yearly Game Night as part of a Week of the Family celebration here in my home town of San Carlos.

In addition to board and card games, I am also a fan of pinball and video games. My avatar is from a photo that ran in the Feb 2006 edition of the AARP Bulletin. It features me and my Everquest character, a dwarven Paladin named Ferrous.

For all the money that I have poured into games, it pales to the amount that has been poured, literally, into (and out of) my wine cellar. I've been collecting and drinking wine since the mid 1970s. I like nothing more than to enjoy a great game and a great glass of wine at the same time.
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