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My personal gaming renaissance was nothing new or original - a buddy from work turned me on to Settlers of Catan and in short time I was hooked. Hooked, yes, but casually hooked owning 20 or 30 games. Fast forward 5 years to my discovery of BGG and that’s when the obsession began. My collection rapidly expanded from a single shelf to over 100 200 300 games and is even more rapidly becoming unmanageable. BGG is the first and last thing I do every day and, yes, I need board game rehab.

In retrospect I should have seen it coming. My father was an Avalon Hill hex and counter gamer. Dad never really pushed the hobby on me, but boardgames were always around. As a youth in the 70’s & 80’s I played a lot of Risk and other games like Masterpiece, Carrier Strike and of course Chess. Today I credit BGG, Settlers, my former co-worker & the great group of people he introduced me to @ www.gamesclubofmd.org/home.asp for cultivating the hobby I love.

I love just about any type of game from Euros, to AT, to War games. I am not much of an RPG’er or CCG’er, but am always open to trying new things. I prefer historical themes over fantasy, but still enjoy both. I enjoy historical games because they are always great learning experiences that can be complimented with a good book.

Boardgamegeek is one of the many communities that I am happy to be a part of; to me, community is the essence of what life is all about because the best experiences in life are shared. Like any community, courtesy and respect go a long way to improve the quality of the experience and foster camaraderie. Is it an obligation? Maybe not. Does the community feel like a better place when it happens? Yes. So to all of you Trolls out there, quit being a douche!

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