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Ryan Shellito
United States
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no, not the Hollister on the tee shirts. that place does not exist.
Ia! Ia! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young!
Long time gamer. Got my start in Hex and Counter war games we found on a friend's father book shelf. Then moved into Battletech in a big way. Scifi giant stompy robots are sill a love of mine. Then, the same friend who's father had the war games, asked if I wanted to play AD&D with he and his brothers. I was hooked. Big time. From there I branched out and played or ran just about any RPG with a fair sized print run you can name. Time passed, and i moved for school or work, I always found more gamers and good times. I love RPGs, but I am an omnigamer. I'll play any board game, minis game, RPG, etc. as long as it's a good game, and the company's good.

Dear Cthanta,
Since destroying my sanity last year, you'll be disappointed to hear, I've managed, pretty much, a full recovery. I look forward to seeing what sort of trauma your provide this year. Anything on the wishlist is a welcome addition. I am a Dead Tree man. Used in fair condition are always good. I realize some of it is long out of print, or pretty obscure. No worries, I've got some easier to find stuff as well. Really, I'll be happy with any mind warping box that shows up.


Auntie Olive,
I'd make request, but I know it's futile. I'm going to leave it to your infinite wisdom. But please, don't eat my cat.

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