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Hello dear Traveler,
I am Dimitris, 37 y.o. and I am a psychotherapist. I like games that let you develop something along the way. Might that be your civilization in a civ game or your hero in an adventure game, I welcome them both . I prefer "development" games because -in contrast with tactics games or tight euro games- they let you grow something during the course of the game and enjoy your creation at the end, regardless of win or lose. Among many other reasons, this is why Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization is my favorite game, by far. For the same reason I like games who offer many different abilities/effects that you can combine, like Race for the Galaxy. However, I have been taught much about correct game balance by Martin Wallace's games. I also respect Bernd Brunnhofer, Tom Lehmann and Stefan Feld. I prefer more complex games than the simpler ones, and I try to avoid abstract games, despite their depth. My favorite designer is Vlaada Chvatil and I hope he will continue to make excellent games in his own pace.

Here you can read my opinion on the games I have played so far.

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Γεια σας! ειμαι ο Δημητρης, 37χρ σπουδασα ιατρικη στην Αθηνα και εργαζομαι ως ψυχοθεραπευτης.

Μην διστασετε να παρακολουθειτε και να συμμετεχετε στις δραστηριοτητες του greek guild! θα γνωρισετε μια καταπληκτικη παρεα, που περα απο τις προβλεπομενες ασυνεπειες περιεχει και σπανιες θετικες ιδιοτητες που ειναι εξαιρετικα ασυνηθιστο να δημιουργηθουν σε μια διαδικτυακη παρεα.

Στο κατωθι αρθρο μπορειτε να διαβασετε για το "κελι", εναν αυτοσυντηρουμενο χωρο στα νοτια προαστεια στον οποιο μαζευομαστε και παιζουμε:

Εχω στα σκαρια ενα μυστικο σατανικο σχεδιο, με το οποιο σε περιπου 3837 χρονια απο σημερα θα υποκλεψω την προεδρια του greek guild εφαρμοζωντας τα ζοφερα σχεδια μου για υποχρεωτικες εβδομαδιαιες παρτιδες civilization games.

Τα παιχνιδια που μου αρεσουν συνδυαζουν συνηθως 2 στοιχεια,την αναπτυξη και την ποικιλομορφια στις επιλογες του παικτη, ανεξαρτητως του ειδους στο οποιο κατατασσονται.

Εδω μπορειτε να δειτε την αποψη μου για τα παιχνιδια που εχω αξιωθει να παιξω μεχρι τωρα.

and then he spoke.

an entity with face unseen by the many glasses of time
a force unconceivable by mortal vessels of observation
the keeper of all reason-
the librarian of destiny-

and he called upon men
with a voice that halts the currents,
voice resonated
sound of golden strings
voice saturated
whisper of wind through leaves

a presence respected.
a notion subtly faded into perception
the thespian of harmony-
the king in yellow!- Hastur

and he called upon all those whose core is consumed by will
and he gazed at the future of those who are binded by the white threads of duty
singing a burden sweet as love
chanting of reality or darkest fear

the lips did not move,
but he said: "follow!"

oh,by god or construct
We,the sons of choice-
we,the runners of the axioms-
refuse to follow

carelessly weighing reason
scholars of time and relation
laughing at consequence
in theatres of golden aspiration

playing through seasons
borrowing space and destination
now forging in arrogance
a novel admiration

deluded in lovely treason
growing in anticipation
we bring to significance
a mortal allegation

regarding the line of seasons
regarding the sense of obligation
regarding the turn of sequence
this is our provocation

we,numeraries of history
we,trespassers of this world
vested in the treacherous fabric of will

as if bearing to unclaimed thoughts
as if denying to breathe the air of cause
behold this exquisite vector of intentionality

we,men,refuse to follow

the denial of Man to Hastur (2009)
inspired by works of H.P.Lovecraft
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