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Wargamer and strategy gamer. Board and miniatures. It all began in 1978 with the buying of Napoleon's Last Battles from SPI which was translated in Dutch for the Belgian market.
Historical wargames have so much more to offer than normal boardgames. Ever wanted to read about economics after a game of Monopoly or Catan? Of course not. But no new wargame passes on my table without the urge to read about the battles being simulated.

Problem is time isn't it? We all search for that tense and exciting 30 minutes gaming experience in our hectic lives. WW1 or the European conquest of Napoleon in 1 hour gaming sessions. Even these are being done by modern day wargame designers.

OK I admit I was also hooked on World of Warcraft in the past 9 years, the on line version. What a ride it was. And the wargame battlegrounds in WOW are just as challenging to play as 9 years ago..., but I limit it to a few sesssions per week these days...

Who would have thought that 37 years after I started wargaming on board, miniatures and a little later on the TRS80, we would play in full 3D in real time massive battlefields with players all over the world with Holy Knights from our precious fantasy.

BUT BACK to boardgames.

This goes in cycles really. I came (back) to board (war)gaming in 1978, 1987, 2004, and in 2014 again, although I never left completely I just didn't play boardgames in hardcore mode in between.

On the boardgame side the evolution was bright in the last couple of years. We have very good THEMATIC games too, but they are no longer pure wargames. Fantasy Flight is an incredible games machinery. Love to play these "adventure" games too.

GMT actually surpassed the old SPI and Avalon Hill games of those earlier days. Sleeker, more polished, more varied, quality products.

My slogan is very simply: "I don't play games to win, I play games to dream away".

Whether that be the 30 year old Ambush or the brand new XCom, Eldritch Horror or Labyrinth the war on Terror kind of games and expansions.

THEME these days is the big buzz in board gaming and I love it.
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#6: Rise and Decline of the Third Reich
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#1: D-Day at Omaha Beach
#2: Twilight Struggle
#3: Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001 - ?
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#8: Eldritch Horror
#9: Commands & Colors: Napoleonics
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