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Brit who collects clever board games preferably without dice, SCUBA instructor who makes a mean chilli and apple pie. Married, one daughter and a workshop. Life is good.

Gaming preferences lean toward edgy mechanics that encourage devious player initiative and interaction. Diplomacy, screwage and underhand opportunities seem favourite.

Having been a keen wargamer as a school boy and a DM and player in various D'n'D campaigns for 20 years I was fairly reconciled to the randomness doled out by dice, but always prefered the luck-free structure of Diplomacy, Civilization and 1829. However since retiring my D'n'D campaigns in the mid 1990's, over the last 15+ years of more active boardgaming I have developed a pathological dislike of most games with dice (exceptions; Perudo & War of the Ring). Similarly I have little time for games with a heavy card engine). Games with exclusive down time, excessive randomness and un-modifiable card draws are unlikely to see me play a second time.

According to Matthew Gray (http://mkgray.com:8000/cgi/gamercluster2), this is me, an extreme Euro Economic Engine fiend;

Euro-1: Core Eurogames, like Puerto Rico.
Euro-2:Family Eurogames, typically lighter, like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride.
Euro-3: Heavy Eurogames, such as El Grande or Tigris & Euphrates.
Ameri-1:New style American games, typically with lots of plastic miniatures.
Ameri-2: Wargames.

Cooperation games are good for one day of the year, 5th November. Please never ask me to play, Shadows Over Camelot (I will vomit), Lord of the Rings, Pandemic or Battlestar Galactica.

After picking up a clutch of disagreeable games at Essen 2014, I've realised that player interaction is very important to me. Games where players build a solo engine where opponents can't clearly see what they've got strikes me as multiplayer solitaire. Factor in an inability to interfere with that engine and the tedium of listening to a player talk to himself out loud, as he works through his bonuses and I would rather be shutting my head in a car door.

Given a choice I prefer to be on the game table that laughs and swears most.

Inserts in board game boxes are 99.9% of the time no more than clumsy attempts to make the handful of game components fill the oversized box. As a result 99.9% of all of my game inserts go out in the same rubbish collection as the shrink and card frames once the counters are punched.

All my components are bagged unless they need a compartmented box (like Agricola and Vinhos). Moderate levels of game pimpage are a good thing. There is a thing as too much though. Fino modelling clay has a lot to answer for.

My backlog of unplayed games is disgraceful. I apologise. Purchasing of games has slowed to a practical halt excepting Essen trips. Its become apparent that my taste in games has changed significantly, especially over the last 5 years. The revisiting of older games in my collection finds me wondering what I saw in them and why I rated them so highly. With a couple of exceptions, a game needs a rating of 7.5 to be kept and a rating of 8+ to be considered for purchase. As a result a large slice of my collection will never be played again and has therefore been put up for trade. My want list consists primarily of grail 18xx's which I'm unlikely to acquire in trade, so if you see something on my trade list you like by all means make me an offer (££/$$/€€).

In 1990 I started my first board game design (Exodus), and what do you know, in 2013 I got it to a level ready to play. Exodus got its first play test at Guildford on Tuesday 19th Feb 2013 and its second in Basingstoke with the Hatters on Friday 22nd. Substantial rule tweaks followed over the subsequent months and by the end of 2013 it was finished. A project too cumbersome to ever be produced commercially but I was happy I did it.

In May 2014 and buoyed by unexpected enthusiasm and encouragement from a wide range of gaming associates, I self published 50 copies of a card game, The Front Nine. Whilst Exodus took 23 years to get to the table, the inspiration for TFN was in January 2014 so birth to launch was less than 4 months. Promoted by an excellent video by Rahdo, TF9 sold out in 8 hours.

After not finding a publisher and a failed Kickstarter campaign in August I decided to self publish again but this time with a bigger print run. 18kg of cubes and pawns takes a lot of bagging. 31st Dec 2014 and the 2nd edition of TF9 was launched and distributed to pre-orders.

In 2015 we had a stand at the UK Games Expo where the first TF9 expansion was released along with an Expo specific promo card. After that, who knows?

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Top 10
#1: Dominant Species
#2: Vanuatu
#3: Puerto Rico
#4: Agricola
#5: Power Grid
#6: Reef Encounter
#7: Wallenstein (first edition)
#8: 1829
#9: Vinhos
#10: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
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#1: Mombasa
#2: Haspelknecht
#3: They Come Unseen
#4: Spirits of the Rice Paddy
#5: Minerva
#6: Among Nobles
#7: Inhabit the Earth
#8: The Bloody Inn
#9: Guilds of London
#10: Clinic
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