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Paolo Desalvo
Country side area north of Rome
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I'm a feder-allergic and I blame the Klingon for not having smashed the Federation in time to save us from Star Trek serials.
Ok, this should be a presentation, so let's start saying that my user name in this site is BlackSheeper since the one I prefer (BlackSheep) was already owned by some one else. I often select a BlackSheep based user names since, when I was under 14, I read Boyinton's book "Baa, Baa, Black Sheeps". Boyington, with the description of his 18 months as Japanese war prisoner, taught me what means a cultural difference. A thing that made my life better by letting me to better understand a lot of things.

My favorite war games are the Star Fleet Battles family, the Flat Top/C.V. gaming system and Illuminati: New World Order. I'm particularly fond to Star Fleet Battles and Flat Top since they allowed me to gain unexpected foreign friends. At the end of the 80s, before the advent of internet, I had the pleasure to meet Adam, a Star Fleet Battles player that was in Italy with the US Navy. Then, with the advent of internet, it has been the turn of the fellows of the Flat Top gang. I had the pleasure to meet Joe in his hometown in Arizona (in 1999), and then Bill with his family and Guillem with his GF, in Barcellona (in 2002). I created my avatar by assembling images that can be immediately associated with Flat Top and Illuminati: New World Order.

I devoted my UberGeekBadges to show that I'm Italian, and that I've a good on-line playing activity on www.youplay.it and the community of fellows that you can find there. It is to support it that, here on BGG, I founded the YouPlayers Union Guild. On www.youplay.it you can freely play Blue Max, Cartagena, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, King Me!, Gonzaga and the purpose created VampiRing. I advice you to give a try to www.youplay.it since it is one of the few gaming sites completely free, with a selected bunch of good players, that, with time and good chatting, can be convert in friends.

Among the Microbadges, my first purchased has been A.C. Milan. It is my Football team, the club that won more international competitions in the world and this Microbadges has been purchased to be the first in showing lane. It is there even to remember that there is a full real world around us.
The other Microbadges are the minimum of game related that I needed to have.
Of the Special and awarded Microbadges, I put in the show the up-loader one to mark that I've the pleasure to contribute to the grow of this site. For this activity, in the Board Games area, I've created the Nexus Index and Battleplan Index. The first is complete the second is in working progress and will be ended, soon or later. More over when I noted that I had it, I up-loaded any errata or expansion material that I could and added all the possible infos, for instance I enlarged the list of articles on Flat Top and C.V. to add all the interesting articles that were published on magazines different from "The General" and so on. I've other ideas on what to add to this site and, when I will be ready, I will add and report it here too.

Before ending let me say that in Italy the War Games arrived in shops in the second half of the 70s, and that is the period when I started buying and regularly playing games. I started with historical simulation games (Midway my first buy and MechWar '77 my second purchase) to better understand history, but I never had problem to switch to pure fun games like BANG!, Grass, Catan, and so on.

At this point what else can I add if not telling you that you can meet me to play on www.youplay.it where I'm known as BlackSheep.
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State: Country side area north of Rome
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