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Richard Rutten
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the spunk plus the bomb plus the pump plus the torture instrument times frankie equalling the bang is an exclusive piece of ZTT exploitation
You don't need eyes to see, you need vision. (mj)

I like all sorts of games. From light cardgames to day filling wargames, from dexterity games to roleplaying games. I esspecially like games with a dark fantasy or horror theme. I try to game at least 3 to 4 times a week but unfortunately don't always make that average. So I'm always on the lookout for new gaming buddies. When I'm not able to board- roleplay I like to play on the XBox One. You can find me on XBlive as Blind Reality also.

Above you can see some pictures of my little gamer family. On the left is my fourteen year old son (seven at the time) who's become a real gamer. In the middle it's myself playing Guitar Hero and on the right you can see how me and my wife play Memoir when on holiday.

Next to a player I'm also a collector. Games tend to get bought at a higher rate than they get played. Still who would not want to own all these fine pieces of cardboard! In the last few years it seems that my purchases have slowed down. I'm trading more and adding quality instead of quantity to my collection.

I organise a gaming session at my house every tuesday evening. For information look at the DSA Spellengroep guildpage. Be warned, it's in dutch. Besides that I organize a gaming session at Moenen en Mariken in Nijmegen every 2nd and 4th sunday from 13.00 to 21.00. So if you're ever close to Nijmegen and want to play on a tuesday or a sunday, just write me a geekmail. I also play rpg's once a week on average. At the moment I'm playing in a Dungeons & Dragons and hosting a Grimm campaign. Just finished a long running Mage: The Ascension campaign. About to start a Edge of the Empire campaign.

The top 10 are my all time favorite games based on the Huber Happiness Metric ((Rating-4.5)*hours played). I'm willing to play these games at any moment in time and space. The hot 10 are the games I played most in the last 4 months. These tend to be lighter fare as I play a lot of shorter and lighter games with my son. I play the meaty games on tuesdays and sundays.

My Top 10

My Hot 10

My Recent Plays

My Wishlist

Some Random Games

I do not really care for the very abstract rating system on the geek. Therefore I rate my games the old fashioned way. Every game get's 5 separate ratings for Gameplay, Replayability, Fun/Social, Components and Rules. These are represented by 's. To get an overal rating for a game I weigh the above ratings for respectively 40%, 20%, 20%, 10% and 10%. You can of course weigh the different ratings in any other way. It all depends what you think is important in a game.

A sample rating might look like this:

Rating: 8.7


Counter added on 18-1-2010

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Registration Date: 2005-07-29
Last Profile Update: 2016-01-03
Last Login: 2016-04-30
Country: flag Netherlands
Town/City: Nijmegen
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Collection Summary for Blind Reality
Board Game
Owned   843
Previously Owned   149
For Trade   120
Want In Trade   4
Want To Buy   0
Want To Play   83
Preordered   7
Wishlist   37
Commented   951
Has Parts   3
Want Parts   2
All   1244
Board Game Expansion
Owned   325
Previously Owned   21
For Trade   12
Want In Trade   1
Want To Buy   0
Want To Play   0
Preordered   2
Wishlist   9
Commented   247
Has Parts   1
Want Parts   0
All   370
Board Game Accessory
Owned   5
Previously Owned   0
For Trade   0
Want In Trade   0
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Want To Play   0
Preordered   0
Wishlist   0
Commented   2
Has Parts   0
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All   5
Board Game 1
For Sale 5
Sold 15
Rating 12
Board Game Plays 5891 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
Board Game Expansion Plays 850 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
Board Game Accessory Plays 5 Total | By Month | Last 30 Days | Chronological
Trade Rating (65) Propose A Trade With This User
Board Game Ratings 790
Average Rating 6.84
10 16   (2.0%)
9 119   (15.1%)
8 268   (33.9%)
7 195   (24.7%)
6 109   (13.8%)
5 40   (5.1%)
4 22   (2.8%)
3 17   (2.2%)
2 4   (0.5%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Board Game Expansion Ratings 145
Average Rating 7.44
10 3   (2.1%)
9 36   (24.8%)
8 58   (40.0%)
7 28   (19.3%)
6 17   (11.7%)
5 2   (1.4%)
4 1   (0.7%)
3 0   (0.0%)
2 0   (0.0%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Board Game Accessory Ratings 1
Average Rating 8.80
10 0   (0.0%)
9 1   (100.0%)
8 0   (0.0%)
7 0   (0.0%)
6 0   (0.0%)
5 0   (0.0%)
4 0   (0.0%)
3 0   (0.0%)
2 0   (0.0%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Top 10
#1: Robo Rally
#2: Diplomacy
#3: Mahjong
#4: Memoir '44
#5: Carcassonne
#6: Race for the Galaxy
#7: Vikings
#8: Magic: The Gathering
#9: Eclipse
#10: Power Grid
Hot 10
#1: Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game
#2: El Gaucho
#3: Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
#4: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#5: Citadels
#6: Cockroach Poker
#7: Saint Petersburg (second edition)
#8: Bootleggers
#9: Pandemic: The Cure
#10: Klaverjassen
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