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My children now refuse to play any of 'your games' on principle and Mrs Bobble Hat has tired of thrashing me at any two player game I care to produce. At long last I have found a gaming group at which I can play euros and lighter games 3-8 player against real people.

To play card games and wargames I solo. Commands & Colours, Sentinels, Combat Commander, X Wing, Descent, Game of Thrones 2.0 or LOTR LCG would be top of the list currently. There are also games actually designed for solo like the leader and field commander series. I recommend the BGG 1 player guild for all such enterprise.

These days I also get a good deal of pleasure from making games for personal use which are either OOS/ OOP or just plain stupid money. It's done wonders for my photoshop skills and I have produced cards, stand-ups, tiles, counters and dice aplenty. I think I've just made my tenth game. On at least one occasion the making has turned out to be considerably more satisfying than the game play (that would be Ravenloft, long since binned)

I first started 'proper' gaming in the 70s and early 80s. The series of 5 Battlegame Books led to subscriptions to Ares and The Wargamer (3W). I also played alot of Kingmaker, Tri-Tactics, War of the Ring (SPI), Dungeon! and Sorcerers Cave with a mate, and 15mm miniatures (ancients and ACW) with my Dad.

Then nothing but occasional exposure to awful things by Waddingtons games for twenty odd years, until some relatives bought us Carcassone in 2009. Which led to me wondering how many other games I hadn't heard of. Which led me to the geek. Which led me to Euros, card games and the whole caboodle. And then all of my old games mysteriously found their way out of the loft.

When not gaming I would rather be peak bagging in the Lake District, watching Warwickshire lose, or sitting in the sun with a book. When doing the former, excepting the odd sunny day, I do indeed sport a bright red bobble hat. Just so's you know.
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