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A lifelong gamer (of one sort or another). Early years predominately lost (?!) to those traditional/mainstream games which on hindsight scratched that gamer itch but still left thinking that there must be something more. University days were a major step forward when I was introduced (you know who you are) to a slew of great classics such as Civilization, Britannia, and the like. Of course this often lead to the obligatory meeting of the dawn chorus with bleary eyes. Oh to have the time (and stamina) to do that now. Still it wasn't until the discovery of Games International/Sumo that my (now very bleary) eyes truly opened to the Euro scene (or what it seemed at the time the "German" scene).

Things all then get a little hazy and I rather lost touch with the hobby towards the end of the 1990's. I blame it on my nephew who one Christmas introduced me to his Playstation and Colin Mcrae Rally, and that was it for boardgames for over a decade.

So what brought me back? Well firstly complete dissatisfaction with computer gaming which was/is churning out the same old tat, only dressed in new clothing. [There are some exceptions!]. Secondly, I bought an ipod!...... Eh? I hear you ask. Well, ipod equals podcasts, podcast equals The Spiel, Dice Tower and others. A special thanks goes out to all you podcast guys, you pulled me back into the fold.

So what a decade I have missed. It has been just great catching up on all these new (but I am sure to many they will be old) games. Not so good on the old bank balance but as of now I think I broken the back of catching up, and I can join the "cult of the new".

Top10/Hot10 usage

Not quite sure what these lists should actually be used for, and had initially run with Top10 being all time favourites. Clearly 10 items is not sufficient for these purposes and so that list tended to remain unchanged. So like others I suggest you look to my "collection" and list by rating there (assuming you are even interested). Note: Many "older" games will not yet be ranked in my collection until they are replayed and reassessed against those more recently played.

The Top10 list is now a snapshot of those that are currently being played the most i.e quantity not quality, although I suspect that for the most part there would be a direct link. I have yet to decide what timeframe the Top10 will be measured over, probably a gut feel sort of weighted weekly/monthly/year sort of list.

The Hot10 are those games which are on the tentative watchlist.

Why no plays recorded?
The (current?) inability to extract "play" data entered into BGG is, for me, a major block to recording plays. I have created (and it still evolving) a simple Access database to record all things boardgames, including plays. This simply allows for more analysis of data in the way that I want, and dare I say some protection should (heaven forbid) that BGG ever went belly up.

Gaming interests/criteria
Not sure if this is a gamer type but I am a bit of a "reading rules" junkie! Often feels that this gives a double benefit of thinking you understand the mechanics/strategy, only for it to be then turned upside down when you get the game into the real world. Not into rules policing however.

Don't believe I have a games type, although I am sure other will look at my collection and decide differently. What grabs me usually is the theme, which quickly then moves to mechanic, then back to theme, and so on. It is a vicious circle. What usually breaks it is delving into the rules (but you might have guessed that). For purchases, one of the final criteria is a wish for the game to play well with 2 players (which is just easier), but as always there there are exceptions to cover those larger numbers. For non-purchases always willing to try any game once......

Last edit: 16/07/10

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Top 10
#1: Valeria: Card Kingdoms
#2: Labyrinth
#3: Sentinels of the Multiverse
#4: Warfighter: The Tactical Special Forces Card Game
#5: Five Tribes
#6: 1066, Tears To Many Mothers
#7: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
#8: Agricola
#9: Lords of Waterdeep
#10: Saint Petersburg
Hot 10
#1: Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game
#2: Guilds of London
#3: First Martians: Adventures on the Red Planet
#4: Quadropolis
#5: Dominion: Empires
#6: Dominion: Adventures
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