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I'm a dedicated boardgamer, and have been playing tabletop and boardgames for most of my life in one form or another. I was into traditional board games as a child, yes the dreaded Monopoly was played, Stock Ticker, Poleconomy, the Game of Life and Pay Day were all played and played and played some more. In my teens I spent the obligatory time playing D&D, which lead to miniature painting. Late in high school gaming was almost entirely video games, but my favorites were games like Civilization. After a few years of video games and graduating from technical school I discovered Battletech. It was glorious! We used to play every Sunday for the entire afternoon and into the morning hours. I think that's really where it started for me as an adult. Battletech lead to Magic: the Gathering. I really went into Magic, like a lot of people, in a big way. I spent thousands on cards, tournaments, studied, played and played some more. Then one day I realized just how expensive it was, and how I was not enjoying the local tournament players (with two exceptions, and you know who you are!). I quit Magic (though I went back to it twice!). Warhammer was the next addiction... again, I just jumped in with both feet, spent stupid amounts of money, built army after army and then I won a large local tournament! It totally killed my interest in the game. I sold my armies (Fantasy and 40K) which was a completely STUPID thing to do. I went back to GW games twice before I clued in (notice a pattern here?!!?). Late in the Warhammer phase I picked up Age of Mythology the Boardgame. My buddies and I had been playing Age of Empires II and Age of Mythology on the LAN at the office, and the game looked good. We played it some on and off, I grabbed a few other games (Sid Meier's Civilization the Boardgame) then got talked into Hybrid by Rackham. That lead to heavy play of Confrontation 2nd and 3rd edition. I'd likely still be playing it except that Rackham discontinued all of my armies and went to prepainted plastic from their untouchable metal models. This is the exact moment I swore I'd never play another collectable game again. I have so many Confrontation models, and the entire line is completely unsupported. I made a concious decision to move back to board games at this point, as you have everything you need in the box to enjoy the game and it does not matter at all if the company no longer supports that game, you can enjoy it.

Since the wide world of boardgaming is SO wide, I really have not yet nailed down the mechanics I like the most and the ones I like the least. Update on this: I find myself disliking pure card games. I tend to find them tedious and don't like the volume of cycling the deck and shuffling that's required to play them. Magic must have been a serious exception to this, though you don't shuffle all that often with that game. Roll-to-move is another mechanic that I dislike. I find roll-to-move games tend to be almost wholly random, and do not allow you to plan ahead and often randomly screw you with no recourse.

At one time I considered myself an Ameritrasher and a few Euro tendencies, but I'd have to say now that I'm type-agnostic. I enjoy GOOD games, and there are many examples of those in both the Ameritrash and Euro corners of the gaming spectrum, as well as in the fuzzy areas in between.

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