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Brian Davis
United States
New Mexico
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Hey everyone!

The thing I love most about board games is the fact that you get to sit down at the table with other people and share an experience together. As I get older, I realize how little time we have; and I desire to spend as much time as I can, enjoying the life I've been given with the people I love (and get to have some fun at the same time)!

I am 34 years old and married, with two little princesses. I went to college for art and have a BFA in Animation/Media Design and a BS in Graphic Design with a minor in Communications. I'm currently serving in my church as the college/worship pastor, ministering to young adults who often slip through the cracks of the church, and leading our congregation in corporate worship through music. We have 3 dogs: a male beagle/dachshund mix named Col. Saul Tigh (Tigh), a female beagle named Bellatrix LeStrange (Belle), and a female chihuahua/dachshund mix named Lily Luna Potter (Lily).

I am unashamedly, a huge geek. I love all kinds of games, comics, movies, star wars, lord of the rings, harry potter, etc. I'm not afraid to admit that I'm an adult who still loves to play with toys! I tend to gravitate toward lighter, family games than I do long, epic games. I also really enjoy dexterity games and abstract games. As it is right now, my family is my primary gaming group... and all of them are non-gamers.

Above all else, I have given my life to Christ, to whom I owe everything, and as such I try to live by three, very simple, creeds: Love God, love other people, and love life!

Happy gaming to you all!


Dear Santa,

Thank you so much for the gifts! The Grand Austria Hotel and A Study in Emerald were both games that I really wanted to get my hands on! Also the shirts were a really neat custom touch! We will wear them with pride! The girls really liked their magnets too! They were super cute!

You've helped make this Christmas very special! I even saved the little jingle bell you sent and hung it on my Christmas tree in the game room (and will continue to do so as the years roll by). Thank you for going the extra mile for me and my family as well as picking some really awesome games! You Rock!

Try as I might there weren't clues enough to figure out who you were! sneaky sneaky...pulled off something extra with a unique, individual touch, AND managed to keep your secret identity! I need to take lessons from you!

I finally got those pictures uploaded and my geeklist entry updated! We had a crazy blizzard roll through that knocked out reliable internet for a while as well as knocked us all off schedule! But things are pretty well back to normal now!

Hope you had a very merry Christmas and that you have a great New Year!!



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Registration Date: 2010-08-14
Last Profile Update: 2016-01-07
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Country: flag United States
State: New Mexico
Town/City: Hobbs
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