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Jeff Anderson
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I'm happy to play just about everything, but drift towards the 2-4 hour "heavyweights" - Die Macher, Age of Steam, Twilight Struggle, Roads & Boats, Powergrid, Indonesia, etc.

I'm a gamer almost by accident, though as I look back on it the seeds were sown in childhood. I can remember more than once pulling out my dad's Magic Realm or Source of the Nile and conning him or my brother into some adventuring. I even convinced my 6th-grade teacher that my new Christmas present, Civilization, would make a great history project for the class to play. Through the teen years there was the occasional Risk or Axis & Allies session, but none so regular that I would consider myself a gamer through that period. College had one foray into a Strat-O-Matic Baseball league, but aside from having a pitcher hit a grand slam, my results were less than auspicious.

As a full-fledged adult a friend introduced me to Acquire somewhere around 1999, and I loved it - still do. Six months later, a cousin showed us Settlers (you knew that was coming, didn't you?) Figuring that this game was so awesome, there had to be a group of people who got together regularly to play it, I searched online and it was then that I found the DallasGames.com group and BGG (back when BGG was just a database of games and session reports). I learned Settlers was only the tip of the iceberg, and I dived in.

In 2003, the winds of fortune moved us to Denver, and finding no such public gaming group, I started DenverGames.com - patterned after the Dallas group. We're back in the Dallas area now, and I help manage BoardGameGeek.CON.

I'm the proud husband of Kristine (who is always happy to play a crayon-rail game with me) and father of 4 children. I now live my dream life - programming computer games mostly from home, and living on an airport.
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