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Hi. I'm Michael and I seem to have a gaming obsession.

It started what seems like eons ago back in the 70's. I was about seven when my best friend's brother introduced us to D&D. For the next decade or so we burned through rules sets. As soon as the ink dried on one rule book, we were already converting campaigns and characters to the latest one to hit the market: D&D, AD&D, Dragonquest, Rolemaster, Runequest, Harn, Gurps, Call of Cthulhu and countless others. We also played Risk, and a few AH/SPI games (Kingmaker, War of the Ring, Swords & Sorcery), but being around 10 years old, I'm sure we played them entirely wrong.

Eventually, by the time I entered college, roleplaying became pretty stale. My gaming was mostly limited to video games and the occasion regression into roleplaying when home on holidays.

That changed when I moved down to Washington, DC for graduate school. Once again the same friend's older brother introduced me to miniature gaming, more specifically to De Bellis Multitudinis. For the next five years DBM became my obsession. I spent months painting numerous armiesarthian, Kushan, Dailami, Later Hungarian, Medieval German, Hussite and my favorite the Tupi. I played games on a weekly basis and attended several tournaments a year. It however got to the point that I stopped having fun. Part of it was that several friends left the area, and part was due to some bad experiences playing some poor sports.

So again, I entered a non-F2F-gaming phase. A couple of years were lost playing World of Warcraft, first as an early beta tester, and then as a co-leader of a large guild. But again I got bored and spent my free time improving a house we had just purchased.

It was really in the last three years that I re-discovered boardgaming. One day while surfing, I stumbled onto BGG one day while surfing and ordered Catan and Carcassonne based on the ratings. I got my wife to play them, and then a few friends. The games were fun, it really helped scratch my competitive gaming itch, but it wasn't enough. I wanted more of a challenge. I enjoy the puzzle of figuring out strategies while reading rules; I like depth; I like thinking about what went right and what went wrong after a game; I enjoy spending time with my gaming friends and with couple friends. And so two games turned into a dozen. A dozen turned into fifty. Fifty turned into a hundred. And a hundred games is turning into more...and more ... and more...

Now I have all sorts of games. I collect them based what itch they scratch. We have some euros that work well with non-gaming couples, and euros that work well with more game savvy couples. I have war games of all different sorts. I still hate party games though. I just play them once a year on new years eve.

As you can see from my rankings my favorite tend to be wargames. I really love card driven stuff and block games. The sort of games that can be played in a few hours and offer lots of mental challenge. I'm not a big WW2 fan, although one of my favorite games (Combat Commander: Europe) happens to be of that era. And certainly what I really love is finding a new game of my stoop every month, curling up with the rules and planning on getting it somehow to the table. Much to the chagrin of my wife, I think my obsession with games is going to be with me for a long, long time.

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#1: Here I Stand
#2: Twilight Struggle
#3: Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage
#4: Unhappy King Charles!
#5: Combat Commander: Europe
#6: Hammer of the Scots
#7: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#8: Arkham Horror
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#1: 1812: The Invasion of Canada
#2: Andean Abyss
#3: Android: Netrunner
#4: Virgin Queen
#5: Combat Commander: Europe
#6: Angola
#7: Battlestar Galactica
#8: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
#9: Washington's War
#10: Eclipse
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