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Michael Edwards
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Phnglui mglw nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah nagl fhtagn! With cheeze!
For My Secret Santa:
Where are you, Santa?

For My Replacement Secret Santa:
Thanks, Wigglesworth!

Many thanks for the many games!

My Avatar:
My avatar is the mighty Cthulhu, marginalized into an advertisement for some non-euclidean taco fast food chain. I liked it both for my interests (H.P. Lovecraft, satire), and in that it reminded me of a friends idea to open up a Mexican/German fast food place, Das Tacoschnitzel. The employees, in sombreros and lederhosen, would have to greet folks with the catchphrase "Willkommen Amigo!"™

My Username:
Chanfan I picked quite some time ago, and have been using it for a while. It's because I'm a Jackie Chan Fan. Well, really a Hong Kong flick fan in general, but I loved Jackie's stuff.

My recent plays:

My Gaming Groups:
I currently have two regular board gaming groups. Alternate Tuesdays Thursdays a friend hosts a Euro-centric smaller gathering. On Thursdays Sunday evenings another long-time gaming buddy hosts a slightly larger gathering, which is more of a Euro/Wargame mix.

I also have a monthly weekend RPG group, that regularly plays short boardgames when either filling "excess" time, or waiting for all the regulars to get there.

I must less regularly have attended a few meetups in my area. Also, several of my friends - myself included - sometimes host board gaming days with no regular schedule.

A Little History
I've been playing board games (and RPGs) since the mid 1970's. My very early diet before then consisted of the normal Parker Brothers stuff. I was in quick succession introduced to D&D and Avalon Hill / SPI boardgames, via older gaming brothers.

Early games included various AH/SPI classics (Sniper!, Patrol, War of the Ring, Circus Maximus, Civilization, etc). I consumed most of the Metagaming Microgame line, and many Yaquinto titles. On the RPG side of things, we progressed into Champions, Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, and I ran most of what was available for RuneQuest.

The 70's and 80's were a gaming heyday for me, as I had access to games and the free time to pursue them.

At some point in the mid 90's, I had discovered USENET, and the rec.games.board group. This led to me finding out about Euro's, in the form of learning that I could order a game called Die Siedler von Catan from a little shop in Boston called Games People Play. These games fit in a niche that matched up with some of my previous lighter board games (think 3M's Thinking Man's Golf, Regatta, and the like). I was hooked.

My gaming fortunes have varied over time. Sometimes, my free time matched up with friends, and once, I had a vibrant gaming workplace. Other times, gaming has been sadly rare.

I signed up on Board Game Geek after hearing about it in 2004, and lurked for a few years before really starting to contribute. My level of activities has varied over time, much like my gaming, but has never gone away. I don't really imagine I'll stop until I shuffle off this mortal coil, or am otherwise physically unable to continue.

My Other Hobbies:
A list my interests can be found in my microbadges and interests tab, but I'll expand a little on them here.

I used to read quite a lot, sadly not as much as I once did. It's mostly been Sci-Fi/fantasy, historical fiction, and military history, but I occasionally branch out. Growing up, I read a lot of Larry Niven, Ben Bova, some Frank Herbert, Roger Zelazny, Fritz Leiber, and so on. I also read most of what I could find on everything romantically medieval - how castles worked, arms and armor, battles, heraldry, and so on.

Somewhere near middle school I discovered C.S. Forrester's Hornblower, and that ignited a love for the Age of Sail and things Napoleonic. Bernard Cornwell and Patrick O'Brian eventually followed, along with various technical books about the period, and histories too, of course.

My parents met and got married after WWII, so they were a 50's couple - I recall various cocktail implements always being in the kitchen drawers. That said, I don't really recall them making cocktails - dad liked neat scotch, mom preferred wine, at least by the time I was around and aware. I think an idealized view of the 50's, and my imagination of how my parents might have been during that time, sparked an interest in cocktails for me. Still, it was a while before I really became interested in spirits and mixology.

At one point, some friends and I in a shared house decided to stock a bar, with the idea it would allow us to experiment with different cocktails for less expense than going out all the time. As folks moved, I somehow ended up with the whole of it, and started acquiring books on cocktails, spirits, and the like. Nowadays, I make about one cocktail a week, and post about it elsewhere on here. I don't really drink much from the bar otherwise, which is how I can afford to keep it.

I don't consider myself to be that big of a music fan, really, I just have eclectic tastes and like rather a lot of it. My main love is for the New Wave/Punk/Ska music of the 80's, which I grew up with. I also liked other things from the 70's, when I was younger, listening to my older brother's music. My dad loved classical, and I keep on listening to that as well (except I'm not that keen on opera). I later listened to and liked music of my parent's era (30's/40's/50's) pop, big-band, and swing, and also was in on the neo-swing revival and the Lounge / Exotica / Space-Age Bachelor Pad music scene that happened in the 90's. I tired to keep up with the music scene after the 90's, but by now - aside from little bits I get exposed to and like - I can pretty much admit I'm old and out of it as far as the current scenes go.

On the basis of my reading interests (and a love of Star Trek - The Original Series, of course), I started (in 1977!) attending various Sci-Fi/Fantasy cons over the years. This included branching out to related things (steampunk), sometimes dressing in costume, and other things that can make more mainstream folks shake their head. I enjoy it however, and do get to help host an annual single malt scotch tasting party that's been going for over 10 years, featuring over 100 malts.

Likewise, my interest in things medieval got me into the SCA - Society for Creative Anachronism. Think of it as somewhere between medieval party dress up, and re-enactment - perhaps leaning more towards the former. I mainly do heaving fighting with a war unit, which is to say I armor up, and hit folks with sticks in large groups. It's great fun.

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