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Hi! Here is some stuff about the kind of games that I like.

Board Games: I grew up loving Clue, Careers, Rummy, lots of classic games. But even then I was picky. Monopoly was too long, Risk had too much luck, and in Life it was almost impossible to avoid the "have babies" squares and this did not sit right with six-year-old me. I turned away from board gaming after getting older and realizing those games sucked, and was re-introduced to the hobby in 2002. I have been obsessively collecting games ever since, but am no less picky.

Here are some of my Gaming Likes:

-Light to medium-heavy in complexity. I see a lot of beauty in simple designs, so I love a good filler. For strategy games, I want depth with simple rulesets. If I feel like I have to analyze and account for ALL OF THE THINGS every turn it's probably not the game for me. Just give me some clean, tense, interesting choices.

-Short to medium playtime. I usually don't like things to run more than an hour and a half. I'll do two hours if it's super engaging. If a game averages around 3.5+ hours though, I probably just won't want to try it.

-A decent amount of luck, for variety. It has to be well-implemented though. Games where accounting for luck as part of the strategy are great, games where you lose because you rolled poorly a few times are not.

-I'm a sucker for dexterity games, trick taking games, auction games, and any kind of hand management.

-I really appreciate a good theme, but it is not a must for me. I'm not into the idea of having an accurate simulation of a theme at the expense of a clean system. Purely mechanical abstracted games are fine, as long as they are truly mechanically compelling... otherwise I expect something of thematic interest.

This puts me mostly in the Euro camp, though I love plenty of American games.

Video Games: My uncle gave me an NES when I was 3 or 4 and that was just that. I like platformers, puzzle games, action/adventures, and old school point and click adventures. I love anything with a good story. I have a weird love-hate relationship with JRPGs, where I find the gameplay intensely compelling and the narratives intensely annoying, so I suffer through them and then rage at the TV whenever the characters are talking. I'm mostly a singleplayer kind of gal, but I love a good local multiplayer game. I don't really like games with high skill ceilings or any other kind of game where it's only fun if you're good at it, and getting good takes time and devotion - I like variety too much to want to play nothing but ONE game all the time (true of my board game tastes also; I cannot for the life of me get into Go or Magic the Gathering).

Okay well I'm bored of writing about me now. Happy gaming, everybody!
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